New Attraction Alert: Check Out the Power Coaster at Rowdy Bear Ridge

Open morning to night every day of the week, Rowdy Bear Ridge is definitely the place to go for an exciting time in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. And they’ve just made the experience even more memorable with the addition of their Power Coaster cart attraction. Beyond that, you have a ton of other fun things to do, promising to keep you busy and always wanting to come back for more. Here’s what you can look forward to at every visit.

The All-New Power Coaster Joins the Fun

The Power Coaster is the latest ride to join the pack at Rowdy Bear Ridge, bring the number of attractions up to six. Although it’s not built zooming fast, it does satisfy the need for speed, especially after spending time enjoying the other low-key attractions.

Sweet Cart Build

At the heart of the Power Coaster is the beautiful cart build, which resembles the iconic luxury roadsters of yesteryear. With their knobby tires, round headlights, and floating fenders, these carts look like they were built to take you on the ride of your life. They are built for two, so you can enjoy the ride with a friend or family member. You can simply take it for a spin all on your own if you wish, however.

As they roll out this awesome ride, they only have two carts for the time being. But there are plans to bring even more into the mix in the coming months. For now, there’s a bit of a wait due to the limited cart availability, but the experience is well worth standing in line. You can kill time by watching everyone ride the two coasters ahead and chatting up your fellow fun-seekers.

Exciting Track Design

Despite their realistic tires, the power carts take you on a fun ride by following the exciting track design from beginning to end. The track races along the parkway where you can see all the action (or the traffic!) up close and personal.

Even more exciting, the track takes you under the laser gun coaster at several points. So, as you ride, you can see other amusement park enthusiasts trying to hit the targets while hanging on tight.

Across the entire ride, you’ll get to climb hills, blast back down to ground level, and go through the twists and turns. You won’t boogey along at breakneck speed, but it’s still plenty fast and wholly enjoyable.

Ride Restrictions

As with all coasters and other amusement park attractions, the Power Coasters have ride restrictions to remember. All riders must be at least 51-inches tall to ride by themselves. Riders who are not that tall can operate the ride or sit in the passenger seat as long as they are at least 40-inches tall. Beyond that, the cart safely holds up to 440 pounds total.

The ride operators let everyone know about these restrictions before letting them on the ride. So, you can go over them at that time to make sure everyone will be safe.


In order to take a spin on the Power Coaster cart, you must buy one of the combo ticket wristband options. The basic wristband gives you a power cart ride, 30 minutes of tubing fun, and two rides of your choice. You also have the option to upgrade your wristband to get four rides of choice instead of two.

The Power Coaster cart ride operates all through the day and well into the evening hours. You’ll want to check it out during the day and the night since the whole aesthetic changes as the sun goes down. If you plan it right, you could even take a spin around sunset to watch the sky light up in beautiful colors as you zoom around the track.

Other Awesome Things to Do at Rowdy Bear Ridge

With your combo ticket, you have many additional rides to add to your day, such as:

Laser Gun Coaster

Known as America’s first alpine flyer, the Laser Gun Coaster combines thrill and chills with target practice. You’ll get to ride alongside your favorite person if you wish or just go for a solo soar to remember.

Either way, the coaster will take you over the Power Coaster track and all along the Parkway. As you fly around the track, you’ll want to aim your laser guns at the targets to see if you can beat the high score.

Tubing Hill


Do you love to go tubing, but hate waiting for the weather to cooperate? Then, you’ll want to check out Tubing Hill. This year-round attraction allows you to race down the 70-foot drop and feel the wind in your hair for 500-feet of fun.

You can go on a solo tube ride or connect with two other riders to change up your descent time and time again. All you have to do is select your favorite tube color and hop on the conveyor to get to the top. Then, it’s just a matter of racing back down before doing it all over again.

Outdoor Axe Throwing

If you want to feel the thrill of hitting the bullseye, then you’ll need to try your hand at the Outdoor Axe Throwing. Everyone 10 and up is welcome to get their axes and try their hand at hitting the bullseye. As you take turns throwing your axes at the center of the target, focus on good form and having a great time.

In addition to these fun activities, Rowdy Bear Ridge features a kiddie tubing hill and playground for the little ones. That way, no one is left out in having the time of their lives with each visit to this awesome amusement park.

If you’re looking to enjoy the best Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, has to offer, make sure to put Rowdy Bear Ridge on your itinerary. You’ll definitely want to go early in your trip, so you can experience the magic and come back again before you have to leave.