Adult Activities in Pigeon Forge: Escape the Ordinary

Pigeon Forge is certainly well-known for family-friendly attractions like Dollywood, but that’s not all this community has to offer. Here, adults of every age and of every interest are sure to find attractions and amenities to engage them — with or without kids! The following is a look at some exciting and must-try adult activities in Pigeon Forge tailored for adults looking to get active and do something fun and unique.

Take a Cooking Class With the Smoky Mountain School of Cooking 

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When traveling, many people like to savor the local culture by enjoying local restaurants and seeing how the area prepares dishes and serves up entrees. But why not go beyond just eating local foods and instead learn how to properly cook them? With a cooking class at the Smoky Mountain School of Cooking, you’ll learn the core components of Appalachian cooking, such as preferred culinary techniques and seasonings.

Note that you have a couple of different choices when it comes to booking a cooking experience with the Smoky Mountain School of Cooking. There are the Demonstration Cooking Classes that focus on showcasing cooking techniques with guests invited to watch a demo and hear more about the history and tales of Appalachian cuisines and culture. Or, you can opt for a Hands-on Cooking Class where your group takes part in the cooking itself as part of a larger group. Want a more intimate experience? No problem! Contact the company to learn how you can schedule a private cooking class and dining experience with premier instructors.

Go Axe Throwing at Country Roads Axe Co.

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Axe throwing is one of the fastest growing sports and hobbies in the country and the Country Roads Axe Co. offers a fantastic setting for you and your traveling group to get in on this fun. Part business, part sports bar, and part attraction, the Country Roads Axe Co. pretty much has it all. Their expansive dining area offers plenty of seating with large-screen televisions throughout showcasing the latest sports events. They also happen to have some of the best pizza in the city thanks to their installation of the city’s very first coal-fired pizza oven. And then, of course, there’s the axe throwing! Grab a booth and enjoy hurling axes at targets. Compete with your friends to see who’s got the finesse to get the closest to the target’s bullseye. We especially recommend a visit to the Country Roads Axe Co. during a rainy day or a cold wintery evening as this is just the place to stay dry and warm up on your vacation to Pigeon Forge.

Rent an ATV and go for a ride with Bluff Mountain Adventures

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Hiking is a big pastime for Pigeon Forge residents and guests. But sometimes, you want to go faster and further than just your two feet can take you. When you’re feeling up for something more than a leisurely stroll through the woods, when you want a mountain adventure, then you want to join in with an outfit like Bluff Mountain Adventures.

Bluff Mountain Adventures is a tour company that offers outstanding ATV-guided trail rides. With this group, you and your travel partners will get aboard your own ATV and take it roaring out into the backwoods of Appalachia. This group offers ready access to more than 6,000 acres of trails along the foothills and river valleys of East Tennessee.

Do an Escape Room

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Escape rooms are a fun interactive challenge that requires participants to work together to solve problems and overcome challenges. You’ll find escape rooms in just about every city in the United States today, but Pigeon Forge may just have some of the best. Here, escape room companies really go above and beyond to offer unique settings and create a truly customer-first experience that will leave you talking about your time here long after you make it out of the room!

Some of the top escape rooms in Pigeon Forge include The Escape Game which offers some of the very best settings in the industry. With a game set here, you will feel truly transported into the story as you race against time to solve your puzzle. Or, choose The Great Escape and take part in fun stories like Poker Night at The President’s Bunker where you and your gaming group work to stop nuclear Armageddon. Then there is also Escapology which is big on incorporating pop culture with their escape room offerings, with options like Star Trek: Quantum Filament where game members work to repair the famed ship U.S.S. Discovery to save its crew, and Batman: The Dark Knight Challenge escape room in which the fate of Gotham City is at stake.

Go Moonshine Tasting at Ole Smoky Distillery “The Barn” at The Island

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When in Appalachia, why go wine tasting when you can go moonshine tasting? Moonshine has a unique history in this part of the country and the Ole Smoky Distillery “The Barn” is a great place to learn more about that as you take sips of a variety of moonshine flavors. The Barn at The Island is one of the company’s biggest locations with plenty of space for a distillery, taproom, and even a large outdoor stage that frequently hosts outstanding musical acts, local and national. Order up some unique flavors at the bar and don’t forget to check out their store before you head out.

Learn More About Alternative Activities in the Greater Pigeon Forge Area

We hope this quick list of the best adult activities in Pigeon Forge has inspired you to start planning your next vacation to the Tennessee town. Naturally, while we find this a very good list of unique things to do in the city, they are by no means the only things Pigeon Forge has to offer. Continue on to our other pages to learn more about Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.