7 Reasons to Book a Spot on the Redneck Comedy Bus Tour

There are many ways to learn about the Great Smoky Mountains and see all its amazing sights, but perhaps one of the best is the Redneck Comedy Bus Tour. As you mosey around town on their bus, you’ll get the gift of belly laughs and plenty of insights on what’s so special about this region. Does it get any better than that? Likely not, but you can decide for yourself by looking at these seven reasons to book a spot on this tour today.

Ride in Style and Comfort
When you grab a seat on the Redneck Comedy Bus Tour, you get to ride in style and comfort mile after mile. Their cow-patterned, bullhorn-wearing bus is not the picture of luxury, but it does the job. Inside, it is filled with comfy seats and has working heat and air conditioning to keep the temperature just right year-round. By the end of the two-hour trip, you’ll feel ready to stretch your legs, but no worse for the wear.

See Amazing Sights at Every Corner
Your tour starts at the Creative Theater in Pigeon Forge, and then proceeds to pass by all the greatest sights in the region. For most of the trip, you’ll be coming around the mountain, exploring what they lovingly refer to as “Dolly’s Hills.” As you move through the foothills, keep your eyes focused on the scenery to take in the sheer beauty of the Smokies.

Learn Fun Facts About the Smokies

You won’t just get to see what is so magical about the Smoky Mountains, but also get to hear about all the most interesting facts about the region. The tour guides are chockfull of information about the history of the mountains, their people, and all the cool birds, bears, and other animals that call it home. As they share each fact, store it away in your memory, so you can impress everyone with your newfound knowledge after returning home.

Get Your Fill of Belly Laughs Galore
Facts aren’t the only thing on the menu during this tour. Oh no, you also get more than your fair share of laughs along the way. Their oft risqué jokes promise to keep you howling with laughter and elbowing your neighbor in delight. To stay hydrated through all that laughter, make sure to bring a cooler full of your favorite drinks. Even beer is allowed onboard, as long as you’re not the driver, that is.

Find New Places to Go on Your Trip
While getting the full Smoky Mountains tour, you will end up with tons of ideas on how to spend the rest of your vacation. Your tour guide will point out all the most popular attractions, restaurants, and so much more. So, take note of their suggestions, so you can try out each one and experience all the best the Smokies has to offer. There’s nothing better than local recommendations, after all, since they give you the low-down, inside scoop even though you never asked.

Meet New People and Build Connections
No one ever walks off the Redneck Comedy Bus Tour strangers. In the two hours together, all passengers end up making friends with their fellow riders, often resulting in a lifetime of fun. You may even find yourself making plans to meet up after the tour for dinner, drinks, and a whole lot more. Just be sure to trade phone numbers before you depart, or you could lose track of your new best friends faster than you made them all.

Return Home with Jokes to Tell Your Friends
By the end of your tour of the Great Smoky Mountains, you will have a gaggle of new jokes to tell all your friends. Just be sure to know your audience since many of the jokes are somewhat on the wild side. But with the right company, you can keep your group laughing it up, serving as the life of the party again and again.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Redneck Comedy Bus Tour

Now that you know just why you absolutely must take a trip on the Redneck Comedy Bus Tour, it’s important to learn just how to make the most of your trip. First things first, everyone with a ticket gets a spot on the standard coach seats, but old-timers and youngins get a discount on their ticket.

You don’t have to worry about what the youngsters (or your parents!) hear either. Although the jokes are somewhat raunchy, they are never outright vulgar nor go beyond what’s on cable TV.

If you’re traveling with a big group of 12 or more, you can get cheaper tickets that way, too. They warmly welcome any gas money you can slip the driver since it’s expensive driving that big bus all around. But it’s not necessary to tip the guide nor provide anything more than the ticket price if you don’t feel like it.

Since you’ll be on the bus for up to two hours, go ahead and bring whatever snacks and drinks you would like in a small cooler. Just be prepared to share your bounty with your newfound friends. You will want to save a little room in your belly and cooler for the 15-minute rest stop at Ole Smoky Moonshine where you can get a drink and plenty of souvenirs to remember your trip by.

Once you’re ready to book your trip, just go online to reserve seats for everyone in your group. Whether you grab tickets for one or all, you won’t regret seeing the beauty of the Smokies from a seat on this awesome bus.