5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Pigeon Forge

Romance is in the air in Pigeon Forge, where couples light up with joy as they witness the pristine beauty of the Smokies, plus the inherent charm of this friendly town. Where better to spend a picture-perfect Valentine’s Day in Pigeon Forge? A romantic, candlelit dinner is always a great option — and you’ll find plenty of local establishments that provide a sufficiently intimate dining experience.

If you prefer something a bit more unique, however, you’ll find a lot to love about these date ideas:

Get a Couple’s Massage

women at a spa, getting hot stones put on her back

Photo Credit @thespaatriverstone on Instagram

Pigeon Forge is home to several excellent spas, where you and your sweetheart can unwind as you enjoy a couple’s massage. Each spa has a different design and treatment menu, but all offer an escape from the everyday stresses that prevent you and your partner from truly connecting.

The Unity Couple’s Massage at RiverStone is an excellent option that will help you and your significant other build a stronger bond. This spa environment is incredibly relaxing, so you’ll emerge feeling serene.

The St. Somewhere Spa at Margaritaville Island Hotel offers several compelling massage sessions for couples, including the memorably named Wastin’ Away treatment. If you book a massage at the St. Somewhere Spa, you can follow it with an indulgent meal or cocktail at the Margaritaville Restaurant.

Visit a Salt Room

a spa, white robes hanging on the wall, blue curtains, valentine's day in pigeon forge

Photo Credit by @breathepigeonforge on Instagram

Do you love spa days but prefer to try something a bit different from your typical couple’s massage? Head to Breathe Wellbeing Spa & Salon to check out the salt room. This tranquil environment is often booked for solo or group sessions, but the spa also offers a salt room session for two.

You and your partner will feel rejuvenated as soon as you emerge from the salt room, leaving you excited to take on new adventures in Pigeon Forge. The location may seem nondescript, but a short drive will take you to several bars and restaurants to complete your day out.

Renew Your Vows at the Titanic Museum
the titanic museum

If you picture your romance as a less tragic version of Jack and Rose’s fireworks from the beloved 1997 film, you’ll definitely want to hit up the most memorable museum in Pigeon Forge. This destination can offer a wonderful experience no matter the season. It dials up the romance in time for Valentine’s Day in Pigeon Forge.

The Titanic Museum celebrates Sweetheart Month in February, encouraging couples to make memories atop the iconic Grand Staircase. This is the perfect location for a vow renewal, with official ceremonies conducted by the ship’s captain. The museum also offers a romantic meal within the ‘secret’ first-class dining room. Either way, this setting will make you feel as if your love story rivals anything from the silver screen.

Navigate the Rocky Top Wine Trail

people tasting red wine, laughing, valentine's day in pigeon forge

Photo Credit by @rockytopwinetrail on Instagram

A winery can be a wonderful setting for a Valentine’s Day celebration in Pigeon Forge, but why settle for just one location? The Rocky Top Wine Trail provides an exciting journey through the area’s best wineries. Several of which offer wonderful tasting experiences. If you’re not feeling ambitious enough to hike, this is your best bet for completing a trail as a couple.

Up the ante with a VIP wine tour. This gets you not only samples at several acclaimed wineries but also, a cheese tray and convenient shuttle transportation. Otherwise, you’re welcome to explore the wine trail at your own pace. Don’t forget to grab a passport, which will provide a lovely memento of your wine adventure.

Check Out the View from the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel
the island in pigeon forge, ferris wheel, pond, flowers and bushes

Hit up The Island for a memorable Valentine’s Day in Pigeon Forge. You’ll find plenty of options for dinner and drinks. Though, the best part of your evening will easily be your trip to the top of the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel. Upgrade to the VIP suite car to enjoy 360-degree views in a glass-bottomed gondola, plus luxurious black and red leather seating. The Smoky Mountains panorama is astounding. Especially when you’re able to take it all in alongside the love of your life.

There’s no shortage of opportunities for couples who choose to celebrate true love in the heart of Pigeon Forge. Get planning now to ensure an amazing Valentine’s Day in Pigeon Forge.