Dan Lawson Cabin & Historical Structures

Dan Lawson Cabin
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The Dan Lawson Place, which was originally constructed in 1856, is a transitional piece of architecture – the home features both sawn lumber and hewn logs. In addition, the pioneer cabin featured a modern chimney made out of bricks.

The property where the cabin is built was originally owned by Peter Cable, Dan’s father-in-law. Due to the quality of the carpentry and workmanship, most historians believe that Peter Cable helped Dan build the homestead. The property had a corn crib and smokehouse on site as well.

Over the years, Lawson expanded both his land holdings and his residence. By the time of his death, the cabin had been expanded to have a large porch and an additional second story. Lawson’s land eventually stretched from ridge to ridge!

One interesting fact about this cabin – it functioned as a post office for Cades Cove! The large, covered porch was used as a post office that Dan ran from his house.