What is Glamping and Why You Should Try It

Are you tired of the city or suburban traffic? Of hustling through busy stores and being surrounded by so much concrete? Camping is a wonderful way to take a break from such surroundings and instead go outdoors and get connected with the natural world. Over 50 million American households go camping every year, and that number has been growing significantly in recent years as more and more find appreciation in living, however temporarily, out in the forests, mountains, and other such nature-centric environments.

Of course, as with many things, there is more than just one way to camp. If you haven’t been camping in a while (or ever), then this part might be a bit confusing. There is campground camping, primitive hike-in camping, RVing and trailer camping, and, a new style that’s on the rise, glamping. Glamping is a unique way of camping that is ideal for those who want an escape from their normal 9-5, but still want to enjoy some comfort.

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What Does it Mean to Go Glamping

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The word glamping was devised as a smashing together of the words “glamorous” and “camping” to create a convenient portmanteau. Interestingly, the travel-oriented word “motel” was also devised as a portmanteau from the words “motel” and “hotel” to describe a more inexpensive type of lodging meant for those traveling longer distances by car. Those in the travel industry had a need back then for a name to describe that type of lodging, to differentiate their newer lodgings from more expensive, amenities-packed hotels, and thus the word motel was forged.

Similarly, there has been a new style of camping rising in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and beyond in the last couple of decades. This new version offered campers more than just a little site to rent, in some cases a lot more, and people needed a new word to describe it and differentiate it from traditional camping. Enter glamping, a fitting portmanteau that refers to a style of camping that is more glamorous than sleeping within a bare tent and minimal amenities, but still offers the wonderful outdoor opportunities so central to a good camping experience.

So to go glamping is to go camping, but in style.

Why Glamping is Different From Regular Camping

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While you can certainly grab a bunch of amenities and really do up your tent and call it glamping, that’s not quite what the industry means by this term. Just like there is a meant difference between primitive camping and traditional site camping, so too is there a difference when you see a location offer glamping sites.

Most glamping experiences are not going to require you to bring your tent. Often, you might not even need your sleeping bag, pillow, or similar comfort items as all of them will be provided for you. And they are going to come pretty luxurious. Some examples of this experience include a tent or a yurt that has been set up on a platform and outfitted with a full bed, patio chairs, rugs, side tables, electricity, and more.

In contrast, both traditional campaigns by RV and traditional camping by tent require you to bring your camping gear. You will need to pack and set up your tent or RV, ensure that you have all your essentials, and be ready to pack out in the morning.

Sometimes glamping locations also accentuate a more scenic view, such as having a yurt set-up overlooking the water or a treehouse set apart from busier parts of a campground. This goes in with the idea that you are paying for a more luxurious or glamorous camping experience.

Why Do People Go Glamping? Should I Do It? 

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Glamping sites and campgrounds are going to be more expensive than traditional campsites. You are paying for a more luxurious camping experience, after all, with more amenities packed in. The question is, is it worth it? Why would others go and would you?

Well, glamping is going to be largely a personal preference, although everyone should probably try this experience at least once. The people most apt to appreciate this style of camping are those who aren’t quite sold on traditional camping. If you like the idea of camping but don’t like the packing, tent, gear set-up, or other grittier parts of camping, then this is the perfect compromise that gives you all the outdoor beauty of camping but with the comfort of more traditional lodgings.

Glamping is also a great choice for those traditional campers who are flying into a location and don’t want to pack or worry about all of their gear. This type of camping offers an easy way to just settle in and get out to enjoy the beauty of a new spot.

What Makes the Glamping Experience Great

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Every glamping experience is going to be unique because it will depend upon the location and the style of the glamping lodgings (ie a treehouse versus a tipi). Different hosts will also offer different types of amenities and these amenities can really take your camping experience to the next level. For example, a glamping location in Appalachia might feature its own hot tubs, while those in Hawaii might feature incredible waterfront vistas. Glamping is a wonderful experience because you can travel all over the country without lugging gear and still enjoy an amazing outdoor experience exploring that new location’s environment. You’ll also still have those quintessential camping experiences like evenings by a campfire waiting for you.

Check Out Glamping Experiences 

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Some campgrounds specialize in glamping sites while others include them as one of their campground offerings. Because there currently is no set standard for what exactly glamping experiences look like or all of the extra amenities they include, it is important to read through a host’s description thoroughly before booking a site.

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