About This Property

Your special someone deserves a romantic mountain vacation in a rustic yet modern cabin with fantastic mountain views, hot tub, wood burning fireplace, pool table, sauna, full kitchen and free WIFI.

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The Space
Property Type:
King: 1, Sofa Bed: 1
Check In:
3:00 PM
Check Out:
10:00 AM
No Pets
Enjoy a romantic vacation in a rustic cabin with modern amenities. Relax outside on the covered deck and enjoy incredible mountain views. Read a book or play a game of cards outside on a porch rocker or inside while enjoying a wood burning fire. End the day shooting some pool, relaxing in your 101 degree hot tub, and then finish off in the sauna - why not?

You will enjoy a modern and fully equipped kitchen, master suite with full bath, cable TV and free WIFI.

Your private cabin is located in Cobbly Nob and is just 15 minutes from downtown Gatlinburg, and 3 minutes to Bent Creek Golf Course.
Note: This partner has not provided us with amenities details yet for this property. More details may be available in the property description above.
Host Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your reservation 15 or more days prior to your arrival date a voucher for a future stay will be issued by host in the amount of the deposit less the reservation fee for use for a future stay within 365 days of the date of cancellation. If you cancel your reservation 14 days or less prior to arrival you will be responsible for the full reservation amount (you will forfeit the full deposit amount and the non-refundable reservation fee, and shall be responsible for the remaining rent amount and all other applicable charges associated with the reservation). Only the Guest named on the Agreement may cancel a reservation and cancellations must be made by phone call to Hosts Office.

Plans can be changed before 14 days prior to the scheduled check in with no penalty. No changes are permitted within 14 days of check in.

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