Treasure Quest Miniature Golf

Treasure Quest Miniature Golf-Indoors, Fun-Filled, and Easy Course
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

The best feature at Treasure Quest Miniature Golf is that the 18-hole course is indoors, which makes it the perfect go-to on hot or rainy days. The interior is filled with Egyptian, pirate, and Indiana Jones decorations to make the experience more enjoyable. Five holes on the course use black lights and neon paint, giving players a unique golfing experience.

- The Local Expert Team

Vacationing in Gatlinburg can have its challenges, especially pertaining to weather. Since most activities are outdoors, what do you do as a family when it’s raining or extremely hot? The answer: play indoor miniature golf!

Treasure Quest Miniature Golf is on Parkway, and the store front is easy to spot from the road. Because it’s not in the heart of Gatlinburg and away from other shops, it’s in a less congested area. It is open seven days a week, but hours vary by season, so call to verify times.

The indoor putt-putt course features 18-holes their website describes as “championship” quality. We’re unsure how ownership came to this conclusion since most visitors commented that the course was easy and not overly challenging. Guests that preferred miniature golf with obstacles and rolling greens went so far as to give Treasure Quest negative reviews.

Several things set Treasure Quest Miniature Golf apart from other Gatlinburg putt-putt facilities:

  • Decor
  • Price

Once inside, you’ll quickly notice that Treasure Quest packed the course with Egyptian, pirate, and Indiana Jones decorations. Artificial palm trees and plants make it feel like you’re in the jungle with Professor Jones hunting treasure. An Egyptian sarcophagus alerts players that King Tut’s tomb and gold are nearby. Pirates and skeletons are signs that pirate booty is close at hand. Toss in a gorilla, massive shark teeth, and some cannons, and the decor is a feast for the eyes. However, some guests described the scenery as cheesy but added that it made the experience much more fun.

Another aspect of the decor worth noting is the five holes illuminated with black light. Glow-in-the-dark paint and lights highlight the course and add mystique to the game. Some players went so far as to say this section was their favorite and wish more holes used black lights.

Next on our list is the price. Tickets are reasonably priced for the Gatlinburg area and are competitive compared to other miniature golf facilities.

Like most vendors in Gatlinburg, Treasure Quest has a small section set aside as their gift shop. Visitors can purchase souvenirs, trinkets, and even sterling silver jewelry.

While reviews of Treasure Quest Miniature Golf are mixed, we believe that if you know what to expect walking in, you can have an enjoyable experience. And since it’s the only indoor miniature golf in the area, it beats playing putt-putt in the scorching heat or rain.

Insider Tip:
Your Treasure Quest Miniature Golf scorecard includes a scavenger hunt you can play while walking the course. You’re rewarded with a shiny beaded necklace if you find all the clues.