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Sugarland Cellars

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Sugarland Cellars – Serving Flavorful Wine in an Inviting Atmosphere
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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Right at the mouth to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park sits Sugarland Cellars, your place to go for wine in a relaxing atmosphere. They showcase the rich history of Gatlinburg in all their selections, giving you a glimpse into what makes the region so special. You can count on your servers to elevate your experience every step of the way whether you are going on the tour or sitting down for complimentary tastings.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Nestled at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains lies the warm and inviting Sugarland Cellars winery, where you can come enjoy a glass of wine at your leisure. They have many incredible white and red wine varieties on their menu, which changes on a regular basis. Their wine varieties highlight all the luscious flavors of the nearby mountain range and elevate them in amazing ways.

In addition to their fantastic wine selections, this winery makes quality service a top priority. As you walk into the winery, you will be treated to a warm welcome and a complimentary tasting of up to four ½ ounce selections.

You can elect to upgrade to an additional tasting for a few dollars more, adding four more ½ ounce servings to your experience. Upgrade to the full flight tasting, however, and you will receive two-ounce servings in four of your preferred selections. Cheese platters are also available to complement your wine.

Once you find your favorite wine varieties, you can buy them by the glass or bottle. They even allow you to buy bottles for home or sign up for their wine club for twice-yearly deliveries.

Their most popular wines include:

Sunny Days
Pear and rosemary come together in Sunny Days to treat your palate to the flavor experience of a lifetime. This white wine starts with a flood of sweet pear flavors, which is followed by a hint of rosemary. The soft oaken highlights are present throughout, providing balance with every sip.

Mountain Laurel
Mountain Laurel is another white wine with an explosive kick of flavor and a sweet finish. With its base of fresh off the vine muscadine grapes, this wine starts out amazingly sweet and crisp. Then, the tart pineapple finish comes through after every sip, treating you to the best of both worlds.

With its light garnet color and rich aromas, the 1802 looks and smells just as good as it tastes. Each sip will bring you dark cherry, fig, and currant flavors, keeping your taste buds guessing at what comes next. Delicate tannins dominate the finish and bring immense balance to this complex selection.

All your favorite berries sit at the forefront of the flavor profile of their popular red wine, the Elkmont. Raspberry and loganberry lead the way, creating a sweet and tart combo to remember. As all the tantalizing flavors combine, the finish lasts and lasts, keeping you thinking about this delicious red.

Modeled after grandma’s cherry pie, the Cherry-Kee is a sophisticated red wine with a fun side. With each sip, you will be hit with a breathtaking blast of sweet cherry jubilee and wave after wave of nostalgia. The sweet, creamy finish acts as a reminder of what was, inspiring you to keep sipping to your heart’s content.

If you want to see the inner workings of the winery, make sure to have time for the free guided tour. The tour guide will lead you through the areas where they make the wine, pulling back the curtain on all the magic that happens there. They will also provide a glimpse into the history of Gatlinburg and their winery all in one.

Insider Tips: 
– They limit complimentary tastings to four selections per day. To sample all 12 wine selections on their menu, go with the premium tasting.
– To elevate your at-home wine tasting experience, consider picking up packets of their mulling spices or frozen mix. With either option, you can beautifully elevate whatever wine selections you bring home.