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Savannah Bee Company – Anakeesta

God Save the Queen at Savannah Bee Company
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Buzz by the new location of Savannah Bee Company at Anakeesta in beautiful Gatlinburg, TN. As one of the first and only boutiques that offer a complete shopping and educational experience as well as daily samplings in the state, you will love this new family-friendly experience. Sample a variety of raw honey including honeycomb, mead, and honey-inspired body care products. 

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Founded as a brand in 2002, Savannah Bee Company was started by Ted Dennard, who is the founder, President, and head beekeeper of Savannah Bee Company. Ted says the brand grew out of his passion for bees, beekeeping, and honey. In fact, the honey you can find at Savannah Bee Company is the culmination of 35 years of research both locally and around the world. The beauty products found at all Savannah Bee Company’s locations, including the Anakeesta/Gatlinburg location are derived from this treasured honey, and honeybee hive ingredients like royal jelly, beeswax, propolis, and honey.

At Savannah Bee Company, their passion is honeybees. Their brand’s presence and locations throughout the nation are dedicated to educating children and adults on the important role that honeybees play within our ecosystem, including playing a starring role as pollinators of our food. All guests who visit the Anakeesta location as well as the other stores will leave knowing that acts big and small can still have a positive impact on bees all over the world as well as their future. They say, start a beehive, avoid pesticides, plant diverse flowering species, and support your local beekeepers.

When visiting this breathtaking location in the Smoky Mountains, more specifically in the Anakeesta store in Gatlinburg, you will find a wide range of products you can purchase including choices of gifts, new arrivals, honey, beauty items, wellness products, lifestyle options, and more.

As you would assume, this is THE place to go to find the most delicious honey available. Select from specialty honey, raw honeycomb, whipped honey, gold reserve, or select one of the unique honey gifts. Beauty products you can get at Savannah Bee Company include options for hand and body care, lip and face care, beauty kits, gifs, and rosemary lavender specialty products. Products include some amazing fragrances that include blackberry, cedar, lemongrass spearmint, orange blooms, rosemary lavender, and tupelo honey scents.

Some of the most beloved beauty products include the Bee the Balm Gift Set, which is a set of lip balm, the Savannah Bee Hand Cream Tube Trio, the Petite Pedi Kit, and various types of body butter and hand creams in several scents. Savannah Bee Company also features a selection of wellness products designed to promote health. The Kid’s Honey and Propolis Wellness Spray is one product that is particularly well-liked. This USDA Certified Organic product is designed to boost the immune system of kits with a five-ingredient bee propolis spray.

The antimicrobial properties within the spray are believed to aid against common colds and to keep kids feeling good all year long. Interestingly enough, bees use their propolis to seal and protect their hives, much like this does with our own immune system. Therefore, it is a great ingredient to use to promote wellness and ward against infection and sickness.

Another wellness product is the Strong and Minty Propolis Spray. This product is a rich throat spray that includes a variety of vitamins and antioxidants. The proprietary blend promotes oral health and has been proven to reduce the duration of cold sores. It includes active ingredients like Pelargonium Root and Echinacea, which strengthens the body’s immune system and supports the respiratory system.

In addition to the variety of wellness and beauty products as well as honey and all sorts of other natural products, Savannah Bee Company doesn’t stop there with its commitment to environmental responsibility. You can also purchase products, like t-shirts and bags that are made of organic cotton, meaning you can purchase them and feel good doing so knowing that the product did not do any harm to bees in its making. The cheeky, fun t-shirt slogan “God Save the Queen” which features a honeybee in the center of a t-shirt bearing this logo is a guest favorite.

Insider Tip:
While visiting Savannah Bee Company is an experience you won’t want to pass up, you can actually purchase most products online. So, if you fall in love with a product, you can get more once you get back home.