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Red Rocket Retro Arcade – Convenient Spot for Retro Arcade Games and Pinball
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4.5 / 5
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Whenever you want to blow off some team and have a great time, you can head down to Red Rocket Retro Arcade for the full day or just a game or two. Their convenient Gatlinburg location is filled wall to wall with retro arcade cabinets, pinball machines, and modern games galore. You can come in anytime to try your luck at beating the high scores on any, or all, of the games.

- The Local Expert Team

When you walk into Red Rocket Retro Arcade in Gatlinburg, you will delight in row after row of arcade games and pinball machines from yesteryear. Although their space is limited, they make great use of it, lining all the walls with everyone’s favorite classic and modern games, including retro treasures. At each visit, you can elect to pay by the day, the hour, or the game, ensuring you can get your fill of fun and challenging gameplay.

Along all their walls, they have dozens of retro arcade cabinets filled with classics like Pac-Man, Joust, and Donkey Kong. They also have dozens of pinball machines, which are a mix of old and new favorites. Their modern pinball machines are centered around the Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool, and other popular franchises. They even have skeeball lanes, sports games, and ride-on cabinets, such as Star Wars Battle Pod.

They keep all their games in phenomenal condition, completing repairs and upgrades to keep them running strong. With many of their machines from the early 1970s, they have had to compromise on authenticity to keep them alive. Their joysticks are often not original to the machine, for example, creating some differences in look and feel for hardcore gamers.

Their most popular games include:

Wizard of Oz Pinball
A modern marvel in the pinball world, the Wizard of Oz machine boasts a full-color LCD display and all the bells and whistles to match. With each turn, you will delight in watching the ball ping off all the different bumpers and other surfaces in the machine. As you attempt to control its path, you will have your chance at beating the high scores and displaying your initials for the masses.

Created in 1982, their Joust arcade cabinet is a true relic of the gaming world. Equipped with just a joystick and one button per player, this game demands the best in cooperative play and control. All it takes is right amount of skill and plenty of luck – you can propel your ostrich to the top of the scoreboard, one flap at a time.

Super Bikes 3
For the ride-on adventure of a lifetime, you can hop on the Super Bikes 3 game. Known for its thrilling high-speed tracks, this game will keep you leaning your way to the finish line. You will need to expertly control your bike’s speed and trajectory, avoiding all obstacles along the way, to win this one.

To go back to a time without video games, you can try your hand at a game of skeeball if you dare. They have several lanes to choose from, giving you a chance to go head to head against the competition. You can also simply try to beat your high scores and create a new personal record with every game you play.

NBA Game Time
A mix of old school gameplay and modern features, NBA Game Time allows you to perfect your shot and become a basketball legend in no time flat. The LED lighting will keep you dreaming of the big times while the sound effects cheer you on. This machine allows you to go head to head with another player for some friendly competition or simply aim to beat your high score.

Despite their diligence in maintaining their retro machines, games may be out of order from time to time. They are really good about compensating their guests accordingly when that happens, ensuring everyone still has a great time. With their reasonable rates and convenient hours, it is easy to stop in another time to give that game a try if you were really wanting a turn.

Insider Tip:
If you have the time, the all-day pass provides the most value for the money. You can also pay by the hour or simply load up a game card with credits to pay for each play.