Ole Smoky Barrelhouse

Good to Great — Ole Smoky Whiskey Presents "The Barrelhouse," Home of Wonderful Whiskey
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

The Barrelhouse, Ole Smoky's new Gatlinburg whiskey distillery, is a welcome expansion to the brand's well-established line of moonshines. An awesome vibe, a gorgeous building, and some unique and delicious whiskey creations make The Barrelhouse a "must-visit."  

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Ole Smoky, known for their creative craft moonshines, recently acquired and revamped Davy Crockett’s Tennessee Whiskey in Gatlinburg. As of February 2016, Ole Smoky has rebranded Davy Crockett’s product line, infusing their own flavors and spirit. The results are better than ever. Ole Smoky now offers a renovated distillery, exciting new concoctions, and a fresh take on an old (aged) whiskey.

Ole Smoky uses an exacting process to create their magic. Their blends are aged for four years in hand-selected white oak barrels, using only local grains. Ole Smoky whiskey is unique in that it’s mellowed through sugar maple charcoal — a process that sets their products far apart from the rest.

Ole Smoky boasts a complete lineup of straight, flavored, and liqueur offerings for the whiskey connoisseur. The heavyweight of the batch, coming in at 100 proof, is their Peppermint Patty whiskey. In the 60 to 100 proof range, you’ll find Cinnamon, Pecan, Salty Caramel, Straight, Root Beer, Mango Habanero, Peach, Salty Watermelon, and Tennessee Turtle. Whiskeys ranging from 35 to 60 proof include Cookies & Cream, Tennessee Mud, and Honey.

Only a handful of these blends (straight, mango, and caramel) are available in stores. The rest of them can only be acquired at The Barrelhouse. The trip is well worth your time, and not just for the whiskey. Their country store vibe is a wonder to behold. Kick back in a rocking chair on the front porch and take in their live bluegrass music.

Most importantly, experience their whiskey tasting. You’ll have the chance to taste every one of their flavors for only $5. You’ll receive a voucher good for $5 off purchases, so it’s free of charge so long as you purchase something from the shelves or their store. While everyone has their preferences, Mango Habanero and Salty Caramel are the strongest contenders.

The staff members you’ll meet are friendly, funny, and knowledgeable. Some folks have better experiences than others, however — the servers have good days and bad days like anyone else, and when things get busy (such as during holiday weekends), they may not have time to be as personable as some folks expect. There may also be a wait during peak times, but hey, there’s a line for a reason!

Insider Tip:

  • If you purchase three or more bottles, you can score a free cooler.
  • Checking in on Yelp while you’re at the Ole Smoky Barrelhouse and you will receive a 15 percent discount that they’ll gladly combine with your $5 tasting voucher.
  • Also, Ole Smoky offers a military and veteran discount.