Mountain Stitches by Susan

Mountain Stitches by Susan: Modern and Reproduction Quilt Fabrics
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4.5 / 5
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Mountain Stitches by Susan carries modern and reproduction quilt fabrics, as well as all other quilting essentials you might need. The shop is small and quaint, but it has a large selection packed into its tight quarters. Stop by and talk with Susan, and you’re bound to both get expert insights into quilting and find at least a few fabrics to take home.

- The Local Expert Team

Mountain Stitches by Susan is a small and quaint quilting shop, but don’t underestimate what Susan has compiled together. The shop is full of quilting fabrics and supplies, offering an impressive collection given the shop’s size.

All of the fabrics at Modern Stitches by Susan are designed for quilting, and just about any quilting fabric you can imagine is hidden away somewhere in the well-organized space. There are plenty of modern prints along with a full array of reproductions — including an entire room that’s devoted to Civil War era designs. If you can’t find a specific theme, just ask Susan and she’ll probably know where it is.

In addition to her many bolts of fabric, Susan is especially well known for having quarters and fat quarters that make it easy to find lots of value buys. Between these and her clearance table of bolts, you could theoretically make a quilt for quite little.

Despite being a fairly small and out-of-the-way place, Mountain Stitches by Susan is well worth a visit. If you’re a quilter, you’ll be hard-pressed to leave without your arms both full of new fabrics.

A few of our favorite items at Mountain Stitches by Susan include:

Reproduction Fabric
For an authentic-looking vintage quilt, there’s no better material than a bolt of reproduction fabric. Take your time perusing the vast array of reproduction bolts, and ask Susan to cut you a selection form whichever one (or several) suits your project.

Fat Quarters
The fat quarters are great if you’re bargain-hunting, and there certainly are a lot of them here. While you can’t make an entire quilt from a single fat quarter, these are perfect for designing individual squares on your work.

Don’t forget to pick up some thread that matches the fabric your buying. You’ll find a thread for almost every fabric in the store, and attention to small details like this really provide a completed look to your quilt.

Modern Fabric
If there’s a specific brand of modern fabric you like, Susan carries no less than 10 of the top fabric brands currently being made. Let her know what brand you’re looking for, and she’s bound to have quite a few bolts in stock.

Quilt Pattern
Patterns are available for all quilting abilities from novice to expert. Pick up a unique pattern to try, and have fun experimenting with it and your new fabric. Who doesn’t love a new quilting challenge?

Insider Tip: 
Mountain Stitches by Susan is located alongside many other artsy places, and there is a commercial quilter nearby. Don’t get Susan’s retail fabric store confused with the commercial quilter’s workspace, which is almost always locked. Look for the signs to Susan’s place — and don’t just assume the space with bolts of fabric is her store.