Izzy Bees Stuffed Friends

Izzy Bees Stuffed Friends -- Visit a Family-Run Business in Gatlinburg Where You Make Fuzzy Friends
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

For an affordable experience for young and older, visit Izzy Bees Stuffed Friends inside Gatlinburg's Mountain Mall. You build a stuffed animal and add accessories in this family-owned shop with a whimsical atmosphere.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

When you first enter Izzy Bees Stuffed Friends, you will find yourself transported to a fantastic world. The entrance resembles a portal into a castle and flowers and ribbons dangle from the ceiling and walls to add to the whimsical setting. Adults and kids love browsing the store and building their own stuffed friends to take home.

At Izzy Bees, you build a stuffed animal. With simple pricing based on the size of the animal, you won’t have sticker shock at checkout. You and your kids get the full experience of the national Build-a-Bear chain in a friendly store that offers lower prices and exceptional customer service.

The variety of animals and costumes ensures that even the pickiest kids will find the perfect friend to make. You can choose to build stuffed dragons, owls, tigers, sloths, dinosaurs, elephants, unicorns, bears, and many more animals. Costumes have just as much variety as stuffed animal options. Choose from pajamas, princess dresses, superhero costumes, tuxedos, tee-shirts, cowboy suits, raincoats, pirate costumes, and much more. Does your kid want a tiger Spider-Man or a red panda with a rainbow tutu? You can make these options and others at Izzy Bees Stuffed Friends.

The little extras make Izzy Bees stand out as a great store to visit. For example, for every stuffed animal you build, you get a free backpack to carry around while exploring the rest of the Mountain Mall. A storybook starring the type of animal you built also comes with the package. For instance, if your child chooses a stuffed fox, the book might be Fox and the Box.

As a family-owned business, Izzy Bees Stuffed Friends gives each visitor personal attention. In fact, some visitors reported that the staff remembered them a year later on a return trip to Gatlinburg.

Whether you or your kids build an animal, you start by choosing the type of animal. Then, you get to stuff the animal by using a machine that adds stuffing inside. Kids may have a heart or wishing star added to the inside of the animal before sewing it up. The staff encourages the kids to make a wish on the star prior to putting it inside the animal. You can also opt to have a voice box or animal sound maker inserted into the animal.

The costume goes on last, and the variety of options may keep you and your kids in the store for a while. However, exploring the selection on the shelves is part of the fun. Imagine having a zebra in a biker outfit. Scent gels allow you to choose aromas to also add to your fuzzy friends. You could take home a relaxing lavender-scented teddy bear in hospital scrubs or a cotton candy-scented unicorn. Even if you don’t want your stuffed animal to wear a costume, looking at the many options is still a fun part of your visit to this store.

Visitors to Izzy Bees remark on how fun and affordable the experience was. They call this store a hidden treasure within Mountain Mall and a much more affordable alternative to the national chain that offers a similar service.

When in Gatlinburg, visit the Mountain Mall and Izzy Bees Stuffed Friends inside. You and your kids can have a whimsical time creating your own stuffed friends to take home. Tap into your inner child and have fun in this store that makes the experience as enjoyable as the stuffed animals you take home. Izzy Bees Stuffed Friends is a must-visit in the Gatlinburg Mountain Mall for all ages.

Insider Tips:
-Add a voice box to a stuffed animal with your kids’ voices recorded on it as a souvenir for parents or grandparents who could not come on the trip.
-Grab a “Slumber Kit” to take home for anyone who couldn’t visit. The kit includes everything needed to build a stuffed animal plus a storybook featuring the animal and a backpack.