Gatlin’s Fun Center

Gatlin's Fun Center in Gatlinburg, TN - Family Fun Center With Escape Room, Mini Golf & More
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4 / 5
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An all-ages entertainment facility for travelers in Gatlinburg, Gatlin's Fun Center promises mini golf, laser tag, gem mining, bumper cars, and an escape room. Gatlin's Fun Center brings the full package of family-friendly entertainment and delivers good value, hence the 4 out of 5 stars rating.

- The Local Expert Team

Gatlin’s Fun Center delivers a broad range of exciting experiences for all ages. Their facilities are clean and comfortable, and they are always adding something new, with the latest addition being a ropes course, which is set to debut sometime in 2018.


You will find a blacklight 9-hole mini golf course featuring an Under the Sea theme. Since the course is indoors, this is a great rainy day activity or the perfect way to beat a summer heat wave. You will also find a more traditional mini golf course outside — or two courses, which offer 18 holes apiece. Play all three courses to experience 45 different holes.

The outside links are a crash course in Gatlinburg’s history, with each hole offering a glimpse into the area’s history and early settlers. As you play, you will pass by native flora and fauna. Century hardwood oaks shade the course, providing a welcome break from the heat.

Old Mountain Trail is the easier of the two courses. You will wind through a Great Smoky Mountains landscape while learning about the cultures that have called the Gatlinburg area home, from the Cherokee Indians to European settlers. Then you will pass through a train depot and learn about the area’s early industries, which include logging.

Old Town Square course is the perfect course to test your mettle with unique challenges and trick shots, and it’s set up to resemble a miniature town square. You will play through replicas of some of Gatlinburg’s iconic sights, from the Grist Mill to the Gatlinburg Jail.


The laser tag arena measures 3,000 square feet. With a maze layout, home bases that fire at the enemy, and swirling lights, the atmosphere is intense. Challenge friends and family members to team play, play individually, try “team capture” mode where hit players join your team, or try a Gatlin’s twist – vampire mode, where you’ve got to kill them before they suck your blood.

Laser tag is recommended for children ages 5 and above. Since the room stimulates the senses, you may wish to walk younger children through the laser tag arena to make sure they feel comfortable.

Thrilling Escape Rooms

Live action escape rooms provide mental stimulation in a 60-minute interactive group challenge. Solve logic puzzles and conquer challenges in a themed adventure. You can choose between the Legend of Atlantis, which accommodates up to 8 players, or play Moonshine Hill Hootenanny, which accommodates up to 6 players.

Bumper Car Fun

The bumper car arena offers classic fun for all ages. There is a height requirement of 44 inches, so this attraction may not be suitable for small children. Bumper cars at Gatlin’s use the latest technologies, which means levers instead of gas and brake pedals. Young children will be able to keep up with the adults without straining to reach the pedals. You can reverse, drive forward, spin, steer away from the chaos or go straight into it.

More Awesome Activities

A laser maze course lets you be a jewel thief or an international spy. Test your agility and coordination and see whether you can make it from one checkpoint to the next without breaking a single laser beam. Jump, crouch, crawl, or climb your way to safety in this challenging and fun laser game.

If you enjoyed the classic game of Whack a Mole, you’ll love the modern twist on it. Atomic Rush tests your reflexes with three different games. Challenge your friends and family to a scramble, where you’ll race across the arena to touch colors, play reactor, a stationary whacking game, or try warp, where you’ll need to race the clock to whack your target.

Young children will enjoy the gem mining opportunity. You’ll be able to dig for treasures just like the miners who prospected in the Great Smokies. Unlike the miners of old, who faced uncertain success, you are guaranteed to head home with a pocket full of loot, whether it’s emeralds, rubies, or opals.

There is no general admission fee to Gatlin’s Fun Center. Instead, you purchase the activities that you want a la carte, choose a fun pass where you can mix and match any six activities, or purchase an unlimited mini golf pass.

Insider Tips:
-You’ve got 10 days to use the unlimited golf or the fun pass, so you can come back as many times as you’d like.
-Escape rooms come with timed admission, so you may wish to reserve ahead.
-While most activities are wheelchair accessible, the mini-golf courses feature stairs and hills, so they may not be fully accessible.
-Young children who do not meet height requirements may participate in laser tag, laser maze, or Atomic Rush in family and friend groups only.