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The Escape Game Gatlinburg

The Escape Game Gatlinburg – Where to See If You and Your Teammates are Up to the Challenge
Written by: Jasmin Diaz
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If you love to solve puzzles while racing the clock, The Escape Game Gatlinburg is the way to go, for sure. With five escape rooms onsite, there’s a little something for everyone. So, bring your family and friends or just team up with your fellow travelers for a challenge to remember.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Are you ready to put on your thinking cap and go on an immersive adventure? If so, you need to plan a trip to The Escape Game Gatlinburg. Located right off the Parkway, this entertainment venue gives you a chance to race the clock while trying to finish your mission. You’ll need to seek out the clues to move through each room and make it to the finish line before the buzzer rings. Do that, and you’ll get to walk away with a lifetime of bragging rights—and a hankering to go again.

Luckily, there are five escape rooms onsite, so you can enjoy multiple runs alongside your family, friends, and fellow travelers. Each game supports up to eight players, ensuring you’ll have lots of brainpower on your side. To get a taste of this unique experience, you’ll have to first choose between their game options. You can land in a prison cell, investigate a mystery market, participate in the gold rush, go on a heist, or travel down into the great blue sea.

Once you’re in the room, you’ll watch a video that gives you a little backstory and sets the tone for the game ahead. Pay close attention to the video just in case there are clues hiding here and there in the content. The video will also tell you the rules, so you can avoid getting kicked out of The Escape Game Gatlinburg before you finish the game. After the video ends, the timer will start, kicking your team into high gear in moving through the clues.

If you get stuck on any step, you’re welcome to ask your Game Guide for a hint. There’s no limit to the number of hints you can get and absolutely no judgment will come your way. Above all else, the crew wants you to have an amazing time and feel good about solving the puzzle on your terms.

While you do that, keep in mind that you’re not technically locked in with no way out. You have the option to end the game at any time and leave the room by hitting the exit button. The crew at The Escape Game Gatlinburg will also let you know if there’s an emergency that requires you to evacuate the building, so it’s always safe to enter the escape room.

The escape rooms at The Escape Game Gatlinburg are:

Gold Rush
In this escape room, you’ll go back to the 1800s Gold Rush to find your relative’s fortune and escape with it. You’ve got to get into the cabin and grab the gold before the others take notice, however, so it won’t be an easy feat.

The Heist
The Heist tasks you with pulling off a major museum heist without getting caught. You’ll need to move through the museum without getting detected, grab the priceless artwork, and get out of there to complete the mission.

Special Ops: Mysterious Market
The Special Ops: Mysterious Market escape room transforms you into the lead investigator for a spice market mystery. You’ll need to unravel the clues to get to the bottom of the conspiracy and complete your mission before the timer goes off.

All the puzzles are built with the 13 and older crowd in mind, but that doesn’t mean the little ones cannot tag along. Kids of all ages are welcome to enter The Escape Game Gatlinburg and join the fun. In fact, kids under age four can come along for the ride for free.

Insider Tips:
-Find a spot at Midtown Parking for the shortest walk to the escape room facility.
-Although you’re not required to reserve your spot, it’s highly recommended. Their games tend to fill up fast, especially at the height of the tourist season.
-To ensure you have enough time for check-in, plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your reserved gaming time.
-Looking for a great teambuilding exercise for a large group? Just ask to book the facility for up to 40 people at a time.