Emerts Cove Covered Bridge

Take Your Family Photos at Emerts Cove Covered Bridge
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4 / 5
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Emert's Cove Covered Bridge is a stunning historical bridge off Little Pigeon River that serves as the perfect backdrop for photographs.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

If you’re looking for an impressive historical spot located minutes from downtown Gatlinburg, pay a visit to Emerts Cove Covered Bridge. This impressive bridge takes you back in time as you think about the history of the community and its early settlers. Frederick Emert, a soldier in the Revolutionary War, settled in this area in 1790. The bridge is named after him and his family since he was the first settler in the area.

When you arrive, you’ll see the impressive architecture of this log cabin-style structure. It shows off themed decorations during certain holidays, including an evergreen wreath at the front. Cut-out windows line the bridge, giving you an impressive view of the surrounding Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The bridge sits above the water on concrete feet, surrounded by trees and the rushing river. When the water is clear, you may spot fish swimming up the creek as they look for food.

Emerts Cove Covered Bridge is the perfect spot to take photos, offering a beautiful backdrop with historical roots. You might catch a glimpse of a bridal party taking pre-wedding photos here since the deep green roof and natural wood structure contrasts a white wedding dress nicely. You can walk across the bridge and take a tour of the historic City Hall nearby. Keep walking for a short distance, and you will reach the cemetery, which is Frederick Emert’s final resting place.

In addition to offering a great photo op, the area boasts plenty of activities nearby for everyone in your group, including spots to fish, hike, golf, and go white water rafting. You’ll probably see some wildlife if you stay at the bridge long enough. Birdwatchers love spending a few hours in the area to spot unique avian species.

Insider Tip:
-Emert’s Cove Covered Bridge has no designated parking area, so look for wide areas down the road from the bridge where you can park your car and walk up.
-Emert’s Cove is technically in the Sevierville/Gatlinburg area.