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Cliff Dwellers Gallery - Local Handmade Arts and Crafts
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Cliff Dwellers Gallery serves as a gallery and workspace for local artists who create pieces in a variety of mediums. From handmade baskets and decorated gourds to woven yarn and marbled papers, this has been a go-to place where tourists and locals alike find one-of-a-kind works for generations.

- The Local Expert Team

Cliff Dwellers Gallery has served as a gallery and workspace for local artists since 1933. Today, the gallery is home to four local artists who work in a variety of mediums and showcases works from many more artists in the Smoky Mountains region.

The artwork at Cliff Dwellers Gallery is all handmade and truly unique. Many of the pieces are crafty items, such as handwoven baskets, watercolor-decorated gourds, woven yarn and marbled paper, and they can either be used as decorations or incorporated into other crafts. Because all of this is handmade by local and regional artists, every piece in the gallery is very different from any factory-produced items you might find at a store.

The four artists who actually own the gallery are Louise, Sherry, Pat and Winnie, and they specialize in watercolor, weaving, marbling and pottery. Other associated artists focus on quilts, fiber arts, woodworking, woodturning and more, and the overall variety ensures that anyone who’s interested in crafty items will find a piece to take home with them.

From April to November, many artists also offer live demonstrations and put on social events for the season. These include how-tos, classes and musical performances.

If you’re interested in local artwork and love crafts, there’s a reason why Cliff Dwellers Gallery has been home to artists and attracting tourists for over 80 years. Bring your group by, and everyone will enjoy exploring what the creative community around Gatlinburg has made.

A few of our favorite items at Cliff Dwellers Gallery include:

Marbled Paper
Paper marbling uses an aqueous solution to color the surface of paper with intricate, colorful and sometimes seemingly psychedelic designs. Exquisite in their own right, the selections of marbled paper here are perfect for incorporating into a scrapbook.

Woven Basket
Basket weaving has a long history as both a practical and an elegant form of art. Pick up a handwoven basket (or several), and turn your at-home storage into something beautiful.

With intricate designs and several different styles, the mugs here turn your drinking cup into a masterpiece. Pick out your favorite, and your mug won’t be confused with anyone else’s at the coffee shop.

Woven Blanket
A woven blanket isn’t a small investment, for weaving an entire blanket on Sherry’s 60-inch loom takes days. Such a blanket will last for a very long time, however, and could even become a family keepsake that’s passed down for generations. It makes and especially nice wedding or anniversary present.

Live Demonstration
Check the schedule to see when the live demonstrations will be given while you’re in town. No matter what artist is at work, watching them practice their craft is always a treat. You may even be able to give the craft a try yourself.

Insider Tip:
While not always available, there are often dishpan cookies available. Ask if any have been made recently, for they’re absolutely delicious when fresh.