Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort — Where to Enjoy Upscale Dining with a Down Home Feel
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4 / 5
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As the name suggests, Southern Comfort offers all the best-homecooked meals filled with the most tantalizing flavors of the south. Beyond that, the cozy dining room promises to make you feel right at home, while the service provides an upscale dining experience. So, feel free to stop by any time whether you want to enjoy a decadent dinner or just nosh on dessert fit for a king.

- The Local Expert Team

Southern Comfort is the place to go when you want to enjoy home-cooked delights in a cozy setting without compromising on the quality of service. Set right in the heart of the Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort and Water Park, this quaint eatery boasts big southern flavors in all the awesome dishes they create. With just a single taste, you’ll be back again and again, waiting for them to open the doors at 5 pm sharp.

Although the food alone is well worth the visit, their homey dining room sets the stage for the meal of a lifetime. You can slide into a comfortable booth in the corner, get a table in the middle of the action, or even grab a seat by the fireplace. No matter where you land, your server will throw menus your way and help you plan out a meal to remember.

As you select from all their menu items, you really cannot go wrong with your picks. Each one is made with tender love and care using time-honored recipes and all the best ingredients. Their plating expertise is second to none as well with many of their dishes even arriving tableside in cast iron pans.

As you nosh on your selections, you can call your server over any time for refills or anything else needed to perfect your dining experience. They seem to know exactly when they’re needed and tend to stay out of your way otherwise. Their service is top-notch, designed to make you feel like the guest of honor at every visit.

Must-try items on their menu include:

Freshly Made Pork Rinds
If you’re craving a crispy, crunchy way to jumpstart your appetite, get the Freshly Made Pork Rinds as your appetizer of choice. After frying up the pork rinds, they make them to order by tossing them in your selected spice. You can go with Cajun, buffalo, or salt and vinegar, all of which come with ranch for dipping.

Chicken and Dumpling Soup
The Chicken and Dumpling Soup cooks low and slow each day, so it is always ready to delight your tastebuds. Although they don’t share their recipe, you can trust that this soup will always have the right chicken to dumpling ratio. You also get a freshly baked biscuit alongside to perfectly complete your meal.

The Smokehouse Platter
If you simply cannot choose between all their smoked meats, don’t hesitate to order The Smokehouse Platter. Upon receiving your order, they’ll wheel out this fan-favorite featuring their fantastic ribs, pulled pork, and andouille sausage. Their ribs smoke for five hours and pork for ten, so you always know it’ll be flavorful and juicy. Alongside all that meat, you get sweet potato fritters and another side of your choice, like their creamed corn, collard greens, or mashed taters.

Although their food is absolutely incredible, make sure to save some room for dessert. Otherwise, you’ll definitely regret missing out on their Pecan Pie, House-Made Ice Cream, and Southern Comfort Beignets. If you miss your chance at your first visit, no worries, simply stop in later for dessert and drinks at your leisure. Many people do that, in fact, just to get a taste of the Tabletop S’mores Dessert Experience, which will leave you feeling like royalty.

Insider Tips: 
– During the busiest times of the year, a two-hour wait for a table is quite common. You can stick around in hopes that one will open up earlier or just come back at the designated time.
– If you don’t have time to sit and eat, grab your food to go by ordering off their takeout menu.