5 Reasons to Visit Sugarlands Distilling Company in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

If you’re looking to try moonshine for the very first time or want to stock back up in style, there’s no better place to go in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, than Sugarlands Distilling Company. Nestled right along the Parkway, this moonshine mover and shaker always promises to provide the highest quality beverages plus tons of great times. Every visit serves to delight, leaving you looking to come back well before you even waltz back out the door.

Here’s what is available for you to enjoy at every visit:

Enjoy Fantastic Moonshine in Every Flavor Imaginable

Moonshine is definitely the name of the game at this iconic Gatlinburg distillery. Using their knowledge passed down through the generations, they make tons of 70 to 100 proof moonshine and package it up in attractive 750 mL jars.

They have many signature varieties named for the key players featured on the Discovery Channel’s Moonshiner’s Legends show. They’re also known for their special releases, like the Bristol Speedway 60th Anniversary Corn Whiskey, to commemorate important local events and milestones.

The real magic is in their flavored moonshine, however, which comes in a wide range of flavor profiles, including:

  • Peppermint
  • Maple Bacon
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • Root Beer
  • Blackberry

Every single one of their offerings works well in the recipes they share on their website. You can also turn to the team at the distillery to learn how to create imaginative cocktails by the boatload.

Learn How to Create Handcrafted Cocktails

Are you always looking for interesting ways to highlight the flavors in your moonshine? If so, you’re going to love the Blended Cocktails Tour. You get to take a trip through the still house on this fun tour to see how they make each type of moonshine.

After the tour, you’ll go into the tasting room to see how the TasteMakers create their most popular cocktails. As you sit and talk about their offerings, the TasteMakers will expertly whip up two handcrafted cocktails for you to try while showing you just how it’s done.

Their most popular cocktails include:

  • Apple Pie Mimosa
  • Blue Raspberry Cooler
  • Maple Bacon Bloody Mary
  • Jim Tom Collins
  • Mango-Plum Sweet Tea
  • Cherry Limeade
  • Triple Berry Daiquiri

Then, they will give you the recipe and point you in the direction of the key ingredients so that you can make your own at home. Don’t forget to buy a little extra to ensure you have enough to share once your friends and family get an inkling of what you’re up to.

Spend the Whole Day with the Head Distiller

If you’d like to get a closer look at the magic performed at this Gatlinburg distillery, opt for one of their workshop experiences. When available, these workshops put you in the shoes of the head distiller, so you can help make each batch of moonshine.

To start, you’ll learn how to grind up the corn and prepare the other ingredients. After that, you’ll mix the mash to perfection and then proof the distillate using time-honored procedures and specialized equipment. Finally, you’ll get a chance to pour the finished moonshine into jars and cap it off to complete your experience.

As an award for a job well done, they’ll provide a tasty lunch and a jar of moonshine to take back home proudly. You can also load up your cart with other amazing flavors you discovered along the way to create a full collection of moonshine to share with your friends, family, and neighbors.

Enjoy a Seasonal Sampling at Each Visit

If you’re ever unsure what to get or want to try out several different moonshine flavors all in a row, sign up for a seasonal sampling. As you try each sample, you’ll want to take the time to experience all the flavors in every variety fully.

If you quickly find a favorite, you can waltz over to the bar to get another taste in the form of a cocktail of your choice. Otherwise, you can keep sampling by paying a small fee for each taste.

Don’t worry about the cost because you’ll get a voucher for a discount off the items at their Trading Post with each sample you buy. You can then use those discounts to bring home jars of all your moonshine favorites and enjoy them at your leisure. If you want to skip the expense, look for their free moonshine sampling events held various times throughout the year.

Attend Fun Special Events All Across the Gatlinburg Community  

Sugarlands Distilling Company regularly hosts and sponsors special events across the greater Gatlinburg, Tennessee, area. And there’s no better way to hear about them than heading into the distillery for a satisfying drink, although you could check the website as well.

If you go the fun route and listen up while at the distillery, you might hear about their concert series, festivals, and other events while sipping on your selections. You can then start making your plans to attend each of their events and continue to learn about the fun to be had in this region.

Their most popular event so far is their Sugarlands MountainFest, a four-day celebration of live music, craft cocktails, and their love for the community at large. In addition to regular performances all day long, attendees can enjoy races and other fun competitions to get their heart pumping between all their awesome drinks.

If you’re just in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, for a quick visit, don’t fret once the moonshine runs out. You can easily stock back up on all your favorites by visiting their online store as long as you’re in an eligible state. Their online store has their full Sugarlands Moonshine Collection plus all the individual flavors ready to order, including Butter Pecan, Banana Pudding, and Pina Colada. Just be sure to check back often, so you don’t miss out on their limited-edition flavors, like the Sugarlands Chipper Jones’ Sweet Tea Moonshine.