Top 5 Breakfasts in Gatlinburg

In the heart of the Smoky Mountains, you’ll find no end of classic American breakfasts. From crisp bacon and eggs to fluffy pancakes with syrup on top, these hot breakfast spots have your favorites covered. There are also simple and fancy options, and they have sweet, savory and many other choices for you to try.  When you are looking for breakfast in Gatlinburg, you will definitely want to check these out!

Pancake Pantry

Chocolate Chip pancakes with a side of cheesy eggs

Photo Credit: @smashed_brains

The Pancake Pantry was Tennessee’s first pancake house, and they make pancakes here the same way they did back in 1960 when the restaurant first opened. Everything is made from scratch here, including the fresh-made whipped cream, and there’s real butter for slathering. The only thing older than the classic recipes used is the restaurant’s century-old brick building that features rich oak and copper.

As good as the old-fashioned pancakes are here, there are also plenty of other selections. The apricot lemon pancakes have a special flair, or there’s a full selection of omelets for something that’s not as sugary.

Crockett’s 1875 Breakfast Camp

Crockett’s 1875 Breakfast Camp pays tribute to Tennessee’s own David C. “Crockett” Maples, and the foods here are just like what he used to eat. There are lots of classic Southern offerings, with eggs benedict, griddle cakes, grits, and waffles highlighting the menu. You can also order huevos rancheros, corned beef hash, omelets or other less-Southern dishes, though. For a truly sticky start to the day, go with the Fried Cinnamon Rolls — they come with maple syrup just in case the rolls themselves weren’t sweet enough. All portions are large enough to feed a hungry Tennessee soldier.

Donut Friar

For breakfast on the go, the Donut Friar is a Gatlinburg staple that’s been serving up fried cakes since 1969. The eatery’s small space gets crowded during peak times, but they’re great for take-out when you’re getting started early or want to walk around downtown’s shops.

As for which donuts to try, the cinnamon bread is a favorite that sells out frequently. Other options include everything from traditional glazed donuts and crullers to eclairs and cinnamon rolls (which are different from the bread). The place accepts cash-only, but it’s one of the most affordable eateries in town.

Trish’s Mountain Diner
breakfast in gatlinburg

Trish’s Mountain Diner is a country restaurant that caters to carnivores. Three varieties of pork (bacon, country ham, and sugar ham) lead off the Mountaineer Breakfasts, and there are plenty of other meat options. Whether you want chicken, country steak, rib-eye steak, sausage or pork loin, it’s all here and no one’s going to think twice when you order one of these. Of course, you can also select the usual pancakes, waffles, grits, and biscuits. It’s a Southern country-style diner, after all.

Coffee & Company

While there are several good coffee shops around the Smoky Mountains, Coffee & Company is the place to visit for a piping hot cup o’ joe in Gatlinburg proper. If you’re visiting, you can probably try a different seasonal or flavored blend each day you’re around. Take a bag of your favorite home, and pick up a souvenir mug to top off the trip. Alternatively, you can stick with the lattes and cold drinks they offer.

What Coffee & Company lacks in pastries you can make up for by walking over to Donut Friar. They’re both located in the shops near downtown.

Gatlinburg is a quintessential Smoky Mountains town, and its restaurants offer up just what you’d expect — not to mention want — for a breakfast in this area. Fill up on pancakes or meat one day, and get something to go another morning. There’s no shortage of good places to eat the most important meal of the day