Yummy Strawberry Dessert In A Jar

Strawberry Dessert in a Jar

There are few things I enjoy in life more than something sweet and tart mixed with something savory. This strawberry dessert in a jar recipe just hits the spot every time. Best of all, it’s oh so simple.

A few tips along the way – when making the strawberry sauce for this dessert, stir gently. I’ve always found this dessert to be best enjoyed when there are still some whole pieces of strawberry left in the sauce to provide a little ‘strawberry explosion’ as you work your way towards the bottom 🙂

Strawberry Dessert In a Jar

The only other tip to keep in mind – if presentation matters, use a separate spoon for each major ingredient while you’re filling the containers. It helps keep the layers more distinct and beautiful when you’re done. Typically, I’ll fill each container all the way with every layer before moving on to the next to make sure I’ve got enough ingredients to fill every container I start with.

Strawberry Dessert In A Jar

With only a little time and minimal ingredients, this dessert is a must for the fruit and sweets lover in all of us.

Strawberry Dessert In A Jar

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