Have Sew Much Fun at the Smoky Mountain Quiltfest!

It “seams” everyone loves to snuggle up with a cozy quilt.

Although the patchwork of patterns have changed over time, the love of this folk craft has been unwavering in the Smoky Mountains since its settlement.

With the 22nd Annual Mountain Quiltfest right around the corner (March 15th – 19th, 2016), we wanted to take a look at the history of quilting to get ready for this year’s event.

Get your stitching supplies ready!

Piecing Together the History of Quilting

Originally created for warmth and comfort in the cold mountain winters, these traditional blankets were used as toasty bedspreads and to cover drafty doorways. Early quilts were made of scrap materials, such as old clothes and fabrics, that were patched together with love.

The invention of the sewing machine and materials becoming more easily available allowed quilters to become more artistic, intricate, and detailed with their work. Some of these quilts took months to create which explains why families have passed down these treasured heirlooms for generations. Talk about the fabric of time!

Quilting has created close-knit communities by bringing people together to teach and celebrate the heritage of the craft.

To see more colorful quilt patterns, take a trip along the Tennessee Quilt Trail and check out the vibrant barn quilts native to this area.

Thread the Needle at the 2016 Quiltfest

In March, Pigeon Forge becomes home to quilters from all over who gather to gain expertise and learn the skills of quilting.

Take classes on technique, visit the vendors for supplies, or enter your work into the quilt show competition for prizes. If you just want to see the beautiful designs, check out the impressively themed quilts and enjoy stories from local quilters. Either way, we guarantee you will be in awe of the craftsmanship.

Want to get a quilt appraised? A professional will be available throughout the festival for on-site evaluations.

Even better, the event center is closely located to other great attractions of Pigeon Forge, so it’s the perfect excuse to make a vacation out of it! If you need lodgings for the event, snuggle up with your favorite quilt in one of our Smoky Mountains Vacation Rentals.

Quiltfest Info

The 2016 Mountain Quiltfest will take place in Pigeon Forge on Tuesday, March 15th through Saturday, March 19th. Please see the schedule for the class times and competition guidelines.


LeConte Center

2986 Teaster Lane

Pigeon Forge, TN 37868