4 Best Places to Play Mini-Golf in Gatlinburg

For twists, turns, and challenges galore, mini-golf madness is the way to go while exploring all Gatlinburg has to offer. Each course offers a wholly different putt-putt experience, making them all worth a visit at least once. If that sounds like just how you’d like to spend your day, put on your favorite golf attire, don a big smile, and roll out your competitive spirit to boot. Then, get ready to have a blast at the four best places to play mini-golf in Gatlinburg.

Hillbilly Golf

For a truly memorable Gatlinburg putt putt experience, get on over to Hillbilly Golf. Your adventure starts on the Parkway where you’ll hop in a makeshift mining cart for a ride to the top of the tracks. Upon arriving at the top, you’ll stand 300 feet above town, surrounded by two 18-hole courses.

Each course features unique designs and décor that promise to leave you wholly impressed. Outhouses, waterfalls, and other fun hazards await the chance to throw you off your game. Some challenges even dare you to think outside the box, like the Plinko-style stretch that forces you to trade in your golf club for a pool cue.

If you play each hole just right, you can get a hole-in-one, but it won’t be easy. You will, however, want to try again and again until you perfect your bank shot off each hazard and into the hole. Just don’t forget to take photos with all the amazing props along the way, including the sock-wearing chicken.

Treasure Quest Miniature Golf

Photo Credits by @hapeycabins on Instagram

When the weather just won’t cooperate, you can always count on Treasure Quest Miniature Golf to treat you to a great time. At this fully indoor putt putt course, you get to tackle 18 challenging holes as you go on exhilarating explorations.

The imaginative course leads you through a riveting treasure map. Complete with lush jungle vegetation, ancient relics, and interesting characters, like skeleton pirates. As you move along the course, be sure to get a glimpse of the unlucky mini-golfer caught in a net. So, you know just what to avoid along the way.

Partway through, you’ll get immersed in darkness, guided only by the neon hues shining under the blacklight. The vivid scenery all around will undoubtedly capture your attention. Do your best to land each shot – or risk walking away without getting the best score.

Ripley’s Davy Crocket Mini-Golf

For amazing surprises around every corner, you cannot go wrong with a trip over to Ripley’s Davy Crocket Mini-Golf. Across their two 18-hole courses, you’ll find many intriguing interactive displays hard at work amping up the fun. Animated animals add to the flair, especially as they get into the action with each swing of your putter.

Be sure to start at the beginner course to get warmed up – or you might find the next course too challenging. Once you get a feel for the layout, however, thinking through all the challenges ahead will become second nature.

You’ll need to weave through the gophers, avoid the bear’s fishing pond, and zing the ball off the skunk-adorned outhouse to get your ball into the hole in the fewest shots possible. You won’t have much time either because the tight layout keeps groups neck in neck for the finish line. But you can always come back through the course for another chance at a hole-in-one if you wish.

Gatlin’s Mini Golf

Photo Credits by @kellybuckner78 on Instagram

If you simply don’t want the mini golf fun to end, then set your sights on Gatlin’s Mini Golf. With 45 holes to play, this putt putt course promises to keep you enthralled all day long. The quaint setting on the hillside of historic Gatlinburg serves as a serene spot to chill in between all your adventures. One hundred-year-old hardwood oak trees guide the layout of the outdoor course while beautiful native plants fill out the space.

You can start your mini-golfing journey on either the Old Mountain Trail or Old Town Square. Although, you’ll want to do both in one visit to get the full experience. Don’t forget to make your way through the bonus holes as well. They are all designed to get you thinking through each shot like the pros.

With your thinking cap firmly in place, make sure to read through the placards telling you all about the history and culture of the region. By the end of your trip, you’ll walk away with tons of interesting local facts plus bragging rights about all your winning shots.

What’s Gatlinburg’s Most Challenging Mini-Golf Course?

With its truly imaginative hazards throughout, Hillbilly Golf is definitely the most challenging mini golf course in Gatlinburg. From the blind trip through the Hillbilly Hound House to the dicey dance around agricultural equipment, there’s no end to the trials ahead.

The challenges only increase as you master the course. You’ll want to come back through to nail all the trick shots. Then, it’s just a matter of making sure you can land the hole-in-one each time using the trickiest approach imaginable.

Just remember to have your crew take videos of your magnificence to share with the world. Otherwise, no one is going to believe that you bounced between three barrels, off the back wall, and into the hole in one swing.

Ready to enjoy all the fun and excitement offered at the best mini golf courses in Gatlinburg? Just hit the road with this guide in hand to see if you can get the best score at all the top putt putt spots around.