2022 New Places and Attractions You Might Not Know About In & Around Gatlinburg

Are you always on the hunt to try new things and stay on top of the latest trends? If the answer is a resounding yes, then you definitely need to see what’s new in Gatlinburg and beyond for 2022. The new year brought many exciting changes to this ever-popular travel destination, making it even more exciting to visit. So, if you’re ready to hit the ground running, use this guide to visit all the newest spots around town.


Chicken Guy!

As you likely well know, Guy Fieri knows a thing or two about good food – and he’s been pulling out all the stops in the creation of his new eatery, Chicken Guy!. Gatlinburg was lucky enough to land their very own at launch, making it easy to get your fill of saucy chicken goodness.

Crispy and grilled chicken tenders are the name of the game, of course, and they’re plenty good all on their own. But they’re happy to turn the tenders into sandwiches or pop them on salads upon request – or you can just take them to the next level with any of their 22 super flavorful sauces and sides galore.

Downtown Flavortown

Photo Credits by @trader__zach on Instagram

Another fantastic Fieri production, Downtown Flavortown turns up the style while bringing on all the best flavors. Although it’s out in Pigeon Forge, it’s well worth the short jaunt. At this tiki bar, arcade, and bowling alley all in one, the signature Guy décor and ambiance set the stage for an amazing night out.

You can play all the games you love in their 10,000-square-foot arcade before hitting the Duck Pin bowling alley for a chance to net a high score. In between all the fun, they come through in a big way by serving up fan favorites like Stuffed Waffles and Hot Honey Chicken, Bacon Mac ‘N’ Cheeseburger, and the ever-popular Trash Can Nachos. In the end, you can get your photo with a 1968 Camaro, allowing you to capture the moment forevermore.

Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar

Whenever you’re in the mood for larger-than-life sweet treats, the Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar is the way to go. And it’s easier than ever to get there, too since their third location recently opened in downtown Gatlinburg.

From their Crazy Bombs ice cream sandwiches to fully-loaded ice cream-topped waffles, all their creations will leave you with a sugar rush to remember. But it’s their amazing milkshakes that you just have to see to believe. They come topped with fruit, nuts, donuts, cookies, candy, popsicles, and so much more, creating a mile-high tower of deliciousness every time.

Azul Cantina

Photo Credits by @atlarastable on Instagram

Set in the heart of The Mountain Mile, the Azul Cantina is set to become Pigeon Forge’s first rooftop bar. Their operations include a restaurant, bar, and brewery, allowing you to enjoy all the best flavors while gazing at the breathtaking views.

In the creation of all their Tex-Mex dishes, they aim to elevate their scratch-made recipes by using wood-fire grilling methods. As for their drinks, their house-made Cerveza-style lager promises to tantalize your tastebuds. But if that’s not quite your style, then you can count on their agave distilled spirits to complete your dining experience.


Gatlinburg Axehouse

Photo Credits by @gbaxehouse on Instagram

If you love a challenge, then you’re going to want to check out the Gatlinburg Axehouse. Set right on the Parkway, this unique venue lets you hurl axes at the target, hoping to get a bullseye every time.

Throughout each game, their WATL-trained experts give pointers to help hone your skills – and you don’t have to leave until you stick the board. Safety is a top priority always, but they go all out to make sure you have a great time, too.

Activate Games

Photo Credits by @pigeonforgetn on Instagram

Activate Games goes big on the challenges as well, allowing you to use your physical and mental prowess to solve each game. Each session gives you 60 minutes to play as many games as you can conquer.

In their Gatlinburg arena, they have hundreds of games that scale from beginner to expert difficulty. While playing their games, you may need to conquer the grid, climb to success, avoid lasers, and so much more. Built for two to five players, their games often demand teamwork, which makes it even more challenging to get a high score.

Puy du Fou

Photo Credits by @romaingoulette on Instagram

The world-renowned international theme park, Puy du Fou, intends to bring a truly immersive, eye-opening show to the Smokies. Made through a deal with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, this show will take you through the experiences of Cherokee Indians as they served in World War I.

The tribe will play an integral role in the creation of the show. Through that process, their stories will finally ring out through the crowds, educating guests on the realities of their experiences through that time.

And More

Sanctuary Treehouse Resort

Photo Credits by @sanctuarytreehouseresort on Instagram

If you want to stay through the weekend or longer in Gatlinburg, go to the Sanctuary Treehouse Resort for a one-of-a-kind experience. Set to become the largest treehouse resort on the globe, this vacation destination will sprawl across 40 acres. Walking trails through an enchanted forest will add to the magic, making it a great place to enjoy your time away from home.

SkyLand Ranch


For an all-inclusive resort experience, set your sights on SkyLand Ranch. Set to sprawl across their 100-acre farm in Sevierville, this resort will have the coziest accommodations imaginable. Miniature livestock, huge food and retail barns, and the lush, green farmland complete the ranch aesthetic.

To fill out the rest of the space, they plan to build a mile-long mountain coaster and other fun rides. Live entertainment will land onsite on the regular as well. On top of all that, beautiful views will await at the top of their scenic chairlift, allowing you to admire the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains.

As you visit each of Gatlinburg’s newest additions, you’re bound to find a few instant favorites in the mix. You can then bring all your friends and family to give them a try as well, spreading the love for all the top spots in the area.