12 Reasons to Visit Skylift Park in Gatlinburg

Although SkyLift Park started as a simple chairlift, it has become so much more through the years. Today, it’s an authentic piece of Gatlinburg history – and the perfect place to spend the entire day and well into the evening. You can enjoy all it has to offer while flying solo or alongside all your friends and family members. The choice is yours. No matter which option you choose, here’s a look at 12 things you’re bound to love about this incredible park.

See Gatlinburg from an All-New Perspective


If you’ve ever dreamed of gazing upon Gatlinburg from the tall peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains, you’ll want to get over to the SkyLift Park. You can look upon the cityscape and the scenic landscape beyond from all their key vantage points, including the chairlift, observation deck, and bridge. As you take in the beauty of the region, try to spot all your favorite landmarks from afar.

Gaze Upon the City Lights in Wonder

If you thought the view of the city was magical in the daytime hours, wait until the sun goes down to take a peek from SkyLift Park. As the shadows fall across the landscape, the brilliant city lights perfectly illuminate every corner. The gorgeous symphony of lights makes key areas shine bright, helping you see the city differently.

Get Your Steps in on the SkyTrail


If you want to take in the spectacular sights while getting your steps in, head to the SkyTrail. This trail is the newest addition to the park and adds plenty of fun to the mix. It’s broken into three key sections: the boardwalk, lookout, and pathway.

While on the boardwalk, you’ll travel along a long wooden walkway that runs from the SkyDeck to the hillside beyond. During that walk, you can check out the many interactive signs along the way for a history lesson.

As you reach the hillside along the ravine, you’ll encounter the Lookout, where you can climb the tower and look at the view from the elevated platforms. This is the perfect place for selfies and scenic pictures to use as backgrounds on your phone, tablet, and computer.

From the steel lookout tower, you can take the Pathway back to the SkyBridge. All along this path, you can take in breathtaking views of the Smokies all around.

Waltz Across the SkyBridge

As you look at the SkyBridge, it’s not hard to believe that it’s the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the US and all of North America. At 680 feet long, it seems to go on forever, taking you from the SkyDeck to the hillside way over yonder.

The bridge crosses over a valley that’s 150 feet below at the center, putting you high up in the air step after step. All along the bridge are steel and wire railings that keep you safe and secure without blocking the view.

Bravely Peer Through the Glass Panels

As you cross the SkyBridge, you will encounter 30 feet of glass floor panels at its center. If you’re brave enough to cross them, they will make you feel like you’re walking on pure air, putting your courage to the ultimate test.

Thankfully, if you don’t feel like you can do it, you can turn back and go the other way. However, many people love the challenge and even stop in the center to take photos to share with their social media circle.

Restore Your Energy at the Café

As you walk around at the SkyLift Park, you’re sure to notice your energy starting to wear out. Thankfully, you can refill your tanks with a stop by the snack bar. They have all the most delicious foods around, including pizza, wraps, and salads.

When you’re done with your meal, you can even get ice cream treats of all kinds. Upon making your selections, you can take your snacks and treats to the second floor to chow down while enjoying the view.

Chill Around the Fire on the SkyDeck

With its comfortable outdoor seating and breathtaking views, the SkyDeck is the perfect place to kick back and relax for a while. While you chill out, you’ll love to feel the warmth coming from the firepit and look upon the beauty of the tiered waterfall.

You can bring your snacks from the café up here if you wish or grab a craft beer to sip on while you take in the sights. You’re welcome to spend the entire day on the observation deck, if you wish, as long as you depart by closing time.

Take a Whirl (or Ten!) on the SkyLift

The SkyLift is the original attraction at this park and it still serves as an incredible way to enjoy the view of the Smokies and Gatlinburg. As you hop on your chair, the lift will take you up Crockett Mountain to the 500-foot mark.

Right when you reach the top, you’ll get your photo taken to bring home as a beloved souvenir. You just have to grab it from the SkyCenter at the end of your ride. Before you head back, however, take a moment to check out the view from the very top of the mountain and snap some photos of your own.

Spend Quality Time with Family and Friends

Although the views alone are well worth the trip, the SkyLift Park is also a wonderful place to get in quality time with your friends and family. You can egg each other on about crossing the glass section on the SkyBridge and ride three simultaneously on each chairlift up the mountain.

It’s also always a great time when you sit and chill with your group on the observation deck. Don’t forget to get ice cream, craft beer, and everything in between to make the most of your visit together.

Bring Your Dog Along for the Ride

If you’d rather have a quiet day out with your canine companion, you can do that, too. Well-behaved, leashed dogs are always welcome at this park and you don’t even have to buy them a ticket.

You have to make sure to follow all the rules, including:

  • Keeping your pup on a leash
  • Cleaning up after your dog
  • Holding your dog securely while on the lift
  • Discourage excessive barking

Remember to respect other visitors’ space by keeping your dog close to you and out of arm’s reach.

People Watch to Your Heart’s Content

Tons of excitement, courage, and sheer awe is on display at all sections of SkyLift Park, so it’s the perfect place to enjoy people watching. You’ll delight in the many expressions and exclamations shared as everyone enjoys the different attractions at this park.

You might even strike up a friendly conversation and make new friends to last a lifetime while you’re here. The sky is truly the limit as you make connections in this wondrous place.

Take Tons of Amazing Pictures to Share

At every corner of SkyLift Park, you’ll want to take tons of photographs to store in your albums and share far and wide. Just be sure to keep your camera on a neck strap to avoid dropping your equipment far down the mountain and into the valley below.

Whenever you want to gaze upon the beauty of Gatlinburg, make the SkyLift Park your venue of choice. As you pass across the bridge, ride on the chairlift, or stand on the observation deck, you’re sure to love the view of the cityscape and beyond.