10 Reasons Why Staying in a Vacation Rental Is More Budget-Friendly Than a Hotel

There’s a lot to consider when planning your dream vacation, but accommodations should top the list. The right location can provide the perfect respite after a busy day — or easy access to top attractions. While hotels are often the go-to solution, it’s always worth your while to examine the alternatives.

Vacation rentals, in particular, can be compelling when you’re on a budget. Keep reading to discover the many ways in which these accommodations can deliver impressive savings:

Skip Meals Out

One of the greatest sources of vacation rental savings stems from the inclusion of a kitchen. This makes it possible to enjoy multiple meals onsite, rather than needing to constantly hit up local restaurants.

Yes, dining out is part of the fun — but the cost adds up quickly when you eat every meal in a restaurant. Instead, try substituting a few meals by eating within your rental property’s kitchen.

This is a great opportunity if you’re not a breakfast person; simply grab milk from the fridge and enjoy cereal as you save your appetite for meals out later in the day. Lunches and dinners can also feel like special occasions if you take advantage of the grills that many rental properties provide.

Avoid Bar Prices

In addition to limiting the cost of meals out, vacation rentals give you a great place to relax with a cold beer, rather than constantly needing to hit up hotel bars or local breweries. Again, bars can make for a pleasant outing, but there’s something to be said for purchasing your favorite alcohol at a local liquor store at a fraction of the price — and then enjoying it alongside loved ones in a relaxed setting.

Yes, it’s possible to purchase liquor and consume it in a hotel room, but it’s just not as enjoyable. In all likelihood, you’ll feel more compelled to shell out for drinks at the bar if you stay in a traditional hotel.

More People Per Accommodation

The per-person price can be shockingly affordable when staying in a rental, simply due to the size of the space. Hotel rooms — even suites — typically only accommodate a few people, meaning that multiple rooms need to be reserved to accommodate a larger group.

With vacation rentals, several people can stay together and split the price. Smaller accommodations are certainly available for couples, but larger groups will definitely want to opt for vacation rentals whenever possible.

Relaxation Is Included in the Price

Hotels can be relaxing, but this quality often comes at an added cost. You’re not all that likely to find the level of relaxation you desire within your small room or suite; instead, you’ll feel compelled to shell out hundreds of dollars for onsite spa treatments or special upgrades.

Vacation rentals are preferable in that they build relaxation into every aspect of your stay. They are often strategically located in the most serene settings possible, while ample space limits the chances of you being disturbed by your neighbors. You’ll quickly find that you purposefully head to your vacation rental when you need relaxation, rather than paying extra to find serenity outside of your hotel room.

Onsite Laundry

Depending on how long you travel, you may eventually need to do laundry. When that time arrives, be prepared to shell out for hotel laundry facilities — if you’re lucky. Sometimes, only laundromats or dry cleaning will be available. Ether way, you’ll pay far too much for the privilege of wearing clean clothes.

If you stay in a vacation rental, laundry may be built into the overall cost. Most rentals provide easy access to pleasant laundry facilities. Some properties even include both washing machines and dryers within condos or cabins. Not only does this keep laundry costs to a minimum, it’s way more enjoyable to complete this task from the comfort of your rental.

Off-Season Discounts

While some hotels charge reduced rates during the off-season, this isn’t always the case. With vacation rentals, however, it’s common practice to adjust rates and give guests a major price break in exchange for visiting outside of the peak tourist season. Plan your trip accordingly, and you could stay in luxurious accommodations for a fraction of the usual price.

Parking Included

Many hotels charge significant parking fees or force guests to shell out for valet. This is not a problem for vacation rentals, where ample parking is typically available. Whether you invest in a rental or drive your own vehicle, you’ll appreciate that it’s always within easy reach.

Onsite Entertainment

From private billiards to swimming pools and other community amenities, vacation rentals provide a variety of opportunities to enjoy yourself without leaving the property. This ultimately saves you money, as you won’t feel the need to fill every day with expensive outings. Instead, you can enjoy your vacation at a more relaxed pace, hitting the town because you actually want to — not because you feel bored or cooped up.

Free or Discount Admission to Local Attractions
Corkscrew turn on the Dragonflier Coaster

While we’ve already touched on the ability to enjoy yourself at your vacation rental without paying extra for entertainment, you’ll ultimately want to explore at some point. When that time arrives, you may be able to take advantage of free or discounted admission to certain attractions. While this isn’t provided by all vacation rentals, some have special opportunities to check out top attractions at a low price.

Stay With Your Pet

Why pay extra to board your pet when your beloved canine friend can enjoy the vacation experience by your side? While this isn’t an option for all vacation rentals, many are pet-friendly. We’re not talking the hotel version of pet-friendly, in which you constantly feel like you need to get out of your room to give your dog the chance to run around.

Many vacation rentals provide access to vast expanses of space, including scenic paths or trails where you and your four-legged friend can take pleasant walks together. Larger accommodations also mean that your pet has more than enough room to stretch out.

Reasons abound for staying in a vacation rental instead of a traditional hotel. See for yourself what these accommodations have to offer — and don’t be surprised if you bid farewell to hotels for good.