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Mountain Slidewinder

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Mountain Slidewinder
Written by: David Angotti
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

The Mountain Slidewinder is a water tobaggan ride that screams down the mountain at incredible speeds! This action-packed water ride packs a great combination of nature, speed, and water.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

With the Mountain Slidewinder, you’re getting a hike with a very fun and wet reward. This is the waterslide that’ll get you up close and personal with nature as it’s built going through the woods! You’ll get the relaxation of the forest mixed in with high thrills from the Mountain Slidewinder!

This ride is soaking wet fun for the whole family! After you’ve made the trek up the mountain side to get to the start of the slide, hop in your raft and hold on! Up to five people can get cozy on this sled-like raft, but you’ll be tensed up in no time once that cold water hits you. With sudden bank turns going to the left and right all the way down that’ll send your raft up the side of the slide, you’ll be kept on your toes the whole ride!

With Slidewinder, speed is the name of the game. You pick up speed the entire way down causing more and more water to splash all over you! For the nature lover, this is perfect for you! Slidewinder’s journey takes you through the woods the whole way down, and since the slide is opened up until the very end, you’ll be able to enjoy the surrounding trees and plants! That is if you have time to glance around in between seeing what turn is coming up next.

After twisting, turning, and flying up the slide of this unique raft ride, you’ll be greeted with one more surprise. You’ll be coming inside away from all the nature for a brief moment as you go through a tunnel only to be sent flying down a hill! The light at the end of a tunnel doesn’t always mean smooth times are ahead. At the end of the hill, you’ll be able to say you’ve experienced the ultimate mountain-slide!

Insider Tip:
You will get very wet on this ride! Single riders will be grouped with other people to accommodate the weight requirement for the raft. Bigger groups, be aware that there is a maximum weight for each raft, and you may be split up according the weight of everyone put together.