Firechaser Express

Firechaser Express
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

This ride is a park favorite and a favorite amongst families. Lines can get long in summer months, but it's definitely worth the wait.

- The Local Expert Team

FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!!!! Calling all brave hearts who are willing to tackle the flames! There’s a fire, and you’re needed to help put it out! If you think you can handle the heat, climb on board the Firechaser Express and put your hero skills to the test!

You’re the firefighter in this adventurous coaster. Feel your blood pumping as you’re launched out of the fire station so quickly that your fire helmet may just blow off. Afterall, you can’t waste one second when you’re going to make a fire rescue, so it’s pedal to the metal for your fire train car, which is an actual train by the way. Hold on tight as you twist and and turn your way around this incredibly fun coaster!

You’ll be going up and down hills, twisting around turns, going under structures, and laughing the whole way as you zoom around the track at a max speed of 34 mph! Eventually you’ll find yourself in a warehouse that appears to be full of fireworks, gasoline, and oil. Not a good combination. All of the sudden the building catches a small flame that quickly turns into large flames! You’ve got to get out of there fast, and that’s exactly what happens! Brace yourself as you’re launched backwards out of the building and onto a new set of tracks to finish your fire rescue!

You’ll face twists, turns, and hills all with your head facing the opposite direction. If that doesn’t scream adventure, we don’t know what does! Your rescue train will come to a halt, and you’ll be backed into the fire station where you started. After this wild ride, you’ll be ready to chase fires all day! You’ll also have some bragging rights as you’ve just ridden the nation’s first dual launched coaster. So, grab your fire gear and brave the Fire Chaser Express for an exciting family ride you’ll never forget!

Inside Tip:
Firechaser Express will pull your body quickly when you’re launched, and will also move your body very quickly into turns and hills. If you have neck or back problems, we don’t suggest this ride.