Dollywood Express

Dollywood Express
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

A park classic, this authentically coal powered train is a must-do if you're coming to Dollywood with the family. There are no thrills on this ride, so sit back and relax.

- The Local Expert Team

All aboard!! Hop on the Dollywood Express for a short and sweet trip around the mountains to get a taste of the Tennessee life. You’ll have the chance to get back in the woods and see the country life all from the comfort of your train seat. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a real train ride.

The Dollywood Express has been chugging around the theme park for 55 years and never misses a beat. There are two authentic coal burning engines that take turns making their way around Dollywood. One of the 110 ton engines goes through 2 tons of coal and 4,000 gallons of water in one day! Both of the engines were used during World War ll, so you’ll have a piece of history pulling you around the park!

The train pulls out of the station every hour to provide you with a 30 minute tour where you’ll see a glimpse of every section of the park. You’ll also go back in the woods to get away from the excitement of the rides and find some peace and quiet during this tour. You’ll have the chance to wave at other park goers who are standing by while the train passes through. You can hear the train whistle from miles away, so there’s no mistaking when it’s coming!

The train cars are all open, and you’ll love the breeze hitting you as you rest easy in your seat! Don’t miss the chance to travel around on this historical machine that is still standing the test of time today!

Inside Tip:
The train does pump out coal smoke the whole time it’s in motion, and you may get some of the soot in your hair or on your clothes. It is also recommended that you be aware of soot possibly going in your eyes.