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Daredevil Falls

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Daredevil Falls
Written by: David Angotti
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

A park favorite, this ride is the perfect mix of extreme excitement and instant cool off. On a hot summer day, the wet finale will make the long wait in line seem worth it.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

What could go wrong with stepping inside a hollowed out log and riding down a river? If you’re feeling brave, go for it and find out! Take exploring to a whole new level as you ride through a rushing river and find your way into an deserted logging camp. Will you be able to escape the giant machinery that you’ll find above your head and coming at you in this exciting log flume?

Step inside your log, which isn’t going to stop and wait for you to get in, and prepare yourself for the journey ahead. You’ll start your voyage out by entering a dark cave full of red bat eyes staring back at you; isn’t that a lovely start to your trip? Your log will make its way through all kinds of twists and turns as you float down the river.

You’ll be surrounded by nature as the river you’re traveling takes you through a portion of mountains. If you’re not looking to cool off, this adventure isn’t for you. You’ll feel the cold water as it splashes inside the log and on you! Don’t get too comfortable floating along the river; you’ll soon be traveling up a 60 foot hill to meet your soaking wet fate.

As you peak the hill, you’ll see that you’ve found the logging camp! Ride through and make sure not to touch the giant saw heading your way! You’ll be greeted by a giant waterfall as you exit the camp. With only one way to go, you have no other choice but to hold on as you plummet down to the bottom at 50 mph making a splash that will engulf your log with water. Check your log to make sure no adventurers were lost along the way and pat yourself on the back for making it through this riveting journey!

Inside Tip:
Since this is a water ride, it will be closed during cold months and during inclement weather.