Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

This ride is as fun to watch as it is to ride. Reminiscent of your moonshot attempts on the local playground swing, this ride is all thrills the whole time.

- The Local Expert Team

Will your plane pull up off the ground in time, or will you go crashing through? Take a seat, buckle up, and find out! Channel your inner pilot as you fly through the air on Barnstormer! This ride, based off of stunts that early 1920s pilots might have attempted, will have you realizing why you don’t fly stunt planes. Hold on to your seat as you barely miss the roofs of nearby barns!

Walk through a shed and out the doors once it’s your time to fly, and strap in! Barnstormer has a front and back side, but you’ll get the same ride from both. You’ll feel like a freefaller as you soar through the air! With your only restraint being a lap bar, you’ve got the maximum amount of freedom possible as you’re flying through the sky.

Reaching a max height of 81 feet, this monster swing will have you facing the heavens with your feet over your head and then plummeting down to earth in the next second. That’s generally what happens when you’re being rotated 230 degrees. Keep your legs and feet under control unless you want them taking off too! Barnstormer will have you and your buddies on multiple swings going at scorching speeds (45 mph to be exact!); hopefully there won’t be a head on collision!

Barnstormer gives you high thrills as you zoom down to the ground, narrowly missing it, and then straight up to the sky. Going back down gives the feeling of falling, so prepare yourself for the flood of emotions you’re probably going to be having on this ride!

You can find this hair raising ride at Owen’s Farm. It’s perfect for thrill seekers young and old alike! For the smaller children, it can be intense, and possibly frightening depending on their past ride experiences.

Inside Tip:
Due to the nature of the seat restraints, guests of larger stature may not be able to ride. There are replicas of the seats at the line entrance, so make sure you check it out before you wait to ride.