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Midway Market

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Midway Market at Dollywood - Classic Fair Food
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Midway Market offers a variety of classic fair foods in the middle of Dollywood’s County Fair section. Stop for a quick snack or make a meal of all your fair food favorites.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Midway Market isn’t your standard grocery store. Instead, the food stand serves a variety of classic fair foods that tend to be unhealthy and absolutely delicious.

The menu offerings at Midway Market are full of options that your dietician wouldn’t approve of but your tastebuds will love. They include snacks like sugar-dusted funnel cake, butter-laden popcorn and cotton candy, along with more substantial items such as corndogs.

Drink offerings consist of non-alcoholic Coca-Cola products, and there’s quite an array of soda and non-carbonated Coke beverages.

The market itself is centrally located in the middle of the County Fair area at Dollywood, and several attractions are just a short walk away. The service is prompt, so you can get back to those rides and shows quickly, and it’s easy to take a handheld fair snack with you.

With a central location and the right kinds of food for a fair setting, this is a great place to grab a quick mid-day snack. Of course, you can even make a whole meal out of your fair favorites if you’d like to (just don’t tell your dietician).

A few of our menu favorites at Midway Market include:

Footlong Corn Dog
A supersized hot dog encrusted in a sweet corn breading and served on a stick. There’s a reason the Footlong Corn Dog is a classic at fairs all over the country.

Cotton Candy
The Cotton Candy is as sweet as it is eye-catching. Pull the fluffy strands apart, and enjoy as they literally melt in your mouth. Kids love it, and adults do too.

Funnel Cake
What makes fried dough even better? The powdered sugar that coats this Funnel Cake.

Souvenir Bucket of Buttered Popcorn
The Buttered Popcorn is delicious no matter what size you get, but go for the Souvenir Bucket. With the popcorn this good and inexpensive refills as long as you’re in the park, you’ll likely want to return at least once for some more.

Hydrating Drink
As good as the fair food is here, it can leave you thirsty (especially on hot days). Make sure to also get a hydrating beverage. There are several non-carbonated options.

Insider Tip:
– This is a great place to get some food before getting in line for a ride. Most menu items are easy to eat while waiting in line, and the little trash that’s leftover after the food’s gone can be easily disposed of or stuck in your pocket until after the ride.