Lumber Jack’s Pizza

Lumber Jack’s Pizza - Personal Pan Pies and Salads
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4 / 5
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Lumber Jack’s Pizza serves up personal pan pies and salads near the roller coasters at Dollywood. The menu offers something for everyone, and the convenient location makes this a great place to get some food between rides -- just make sure you go on the most extreme roller coasters before you fill your stomach with a pie.

- The Local Expert Team

Lumber Jack’s Pizza is a simple pizza joint, but simple isn’t a bad thing. The food is good, the menu has something for everyone (including non-pizza-eaters), and the location is central to many of Dollywood’s rides.

The main menu offering at Lumber Jack’s Pizza is, of course, pizza. The place specializes in personal pan pies, which makes it easy for everyone to choose their own toppings, and there are several topping choices to pick from. Cheese, pepperoni and roasted veggie pizzas are always available, and special toppings are offered as they’re seasonally available.

For anyone who’s lactose intolerant, gluten-free or simply doesn’t like pizza, there are a few non-pizza options that may be suitable depending on specific dietary restrictions. Choose from a house salad, Cesar salad, or side salad with pasta.

Kids meals that come with pizza, Goldfish and a drink are also available. Drink offerings include Coca-Cola beverages.

The proximity of Lumber Jack Pizza’s location to several of Dollywood’s popular rides make this a go-to place for a quick meal or snack. Dropline, Lumberjack Lifts, Thunderhead and the Whistle Punk Chaser are all only a few steps from the pizza shop’s counter.

For a meal everyone can agree on because they get their own pizza pie or salad, stop by Lumber Jack’s Pizza in between your rides. Walking over will only take a couple of minutes if you’re in Timber Canyon and service is quick, so you can get back to the squeal-inducing roller coasters in short order.

A few of our menu favorites at Lumber Jack’s Pizza include:

Pepperoni Pizza
There’s no messing with a classic. Add pepperoni to a cheese pizza, and the pie only gets better.

Seasonal Toppings Pizza
For something a little fancier, go with the Seasonal Toppings Pizza. No matter what’s in season, the toppings are bound to be good on a pizza.

Kid’s Meal
With pizza, Goldfish and a drink, the Kids Meal was designed by someone who knows what kids like to eat. You won’t hear any complaints about the food, and they’ll have full stomachs for many more hours of fun on the rides.

Caesar Salad
If vegetables are what you want, the Caesar Salad is green, crunchy and tossed in tasty dressing. Have it alone, or pair it with a pizza for quite the filling meal.

Non-Soda Coca-Cola Beverage
The Coca-Cola Freestyle beverage machine here offers a large variety of Coke products, including many sugar-free and non-carbonated options. Go for something other than soda, and stay hydrated on hot days.

Insider Tip:
– Wildwood Grove sits off by itself on the edge of the park and has limited dining options, but Lumber Jack’s Pizza is between the park entrance and this section of the park. If you’re taking children over to Wildwood Grove for the kid-friendly rides there, stop here to get a kids meal and eat it on your way to those rides. Your kids will be fueled up and ready for fun once you reach the grove.