Jukebox Junction Food Truck

Jukebox Junction Food Truck at Dollywood - Many Varieties of Mac & Cheese
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4.5 / 5
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Dollywood’s Jukebox Junction Food Truck specializes in macaroni and cheese, offering several different varieties of the comfort-food staple. Freshly made and hot, all the options are worth trying.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

The Jukebox Junction Food Truck at Dollywood takes the simple comfort food of macaroni and cheese to another level with expert preparation and gourmet flavorings. Don’t tell anyone, but the various combinations might be better than what Grandma used to make.

The menu at Jukebox Junction Food Truck features multiple gourmet macaroni and cheese options that cater to carnivores, vegetarians and everyone else. From pulled pork and bacon to veggie, there’s something that each person in your party will like. A Philly Mac even infuses this Southern comfort food with a little North-of-the-Mason-Dixon flavor.

Beverage options at the food truck include a range of non-alcoholic Coca-Cola drinks.

With a central location and quick service, the Jukebox Junction Food Truck makes it easy to grab a decent meal (as opposed to a simple snack) without spending a lot of time waiting or sitting at a table. Stop to grab some macaroni and cheese, and enjoy the delicious gooeyness as you tour the 1950s Jukebox Junction section of Dollywood.

A few of our menu favorites at Jukebox Junction Food Truck include:

Mac & Cheese
Simple and classic. Sometimes you can’t beat a traditional Mac & Cheese with nothing added.

Pulled Pork and Bacon Mac
The Pulled Pork and Bacon Mac comes loaded with meat and is a carnivore’s dream. The dish is especially good considering Dollywood’s known for its award-winning barbecue.

Chicken and Broccoli Mac
A little like a casserole but a whole lot better, the Chicken and Broccoli Mac combines some tried-and-true ingredients. Plus, it has vegetables and must be healthy.

Veggie Mac
For a vegetarian option that has more vegetables than just broccoli, go with the Veggie Mac. Crunchy vegetables, soft pasta and plenty of cheese make a potent combination.

Philly Mac
Named for the city rather than the horse, the Philly Mac brins some true Northern flavor. Beef, veggies and cheese served on macaroni rather than a hoagie roll.

Insider Tip:
– The food truck doesn’t have seating itself, but there are several musical acts in this part of the park. Stop here for some macaroni and cheese. Then, head to a show to find a seat and enjoy your meal.