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Granny Ogle’s Ham -N- Beans

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Granny Ogle's Ham n Beans: Mouthwatering Southern Eats at Dollywood
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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4 / 5
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Granny Ogle's Ham n Beans goes beyond typical amusement park food by serving a variety of Southern classics designed to please your palate and fill your stomach.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

After a full day of trekking between one roller coaster and the next at Dollywood, you’re bound to work up an appetite. As your stomach begins to grumble, don’t hesitate to head to Granny Ogle’s Ham n Beans, where you’ll find large portions of down-home comfort food.

One of Dollywood’s most popular restaurants, Granny Ogle’s Ham n Beans is named after a beloved Sevier County mother who truly exemplified the Appalachian spirit. Granny Ogle’s daughter has long been one of Dolly Parton’s close friends — and she’s also Dolly’s trusted personal assistant.

With ham and beans right in the name, it’s easy to guess the type of meal you’ll receive at Granny Ogle’s. These are just two of the menu’s many offerings, however. In addition to vast platters featuring slow-cooked meat and delectable sides, you’re welcome to order deviled eggs, a sandwich, or fruit cobbler. The meals, sides, and desserts are invariably hearty, with all offering a nod to the long-held traditions of Southern cooking.

A small children’s menu (known as ‘Kid Fix’ns’) is available, but it might not please picky eaters; the only options are a pulled ham sandwich or a hot dog, served alongside potato chips and either a soft drink or milk. Kids may be better served by sharing one of the larger platters with an adult, so they can sample a variety of tasty concoctions.

Ample seating is provided, but the restaurant still tends to get crowded at dinnertime. Even when the restaurant is busy, the service is reliably quick — you won’t have to wait long to enjoy your meal and get back to your favorite rides. Set aside a little time to relax if you can; the friendly vibes at Granny Ogle’s Ham n Beans will make you want to slow down and take in the inherent charm of Dollywood.

A few of our favorite menu items include the following:

Fresh Fruit and Chicken Salad
If you’re watching your calories, this is probably your best bet at Granny Ogle’s. Enjoy homemade chicken salad served alongside an assortment of fresh fruits, including cantaloupe, honeydew melon, pineapple, grapes, and strawberries.

Pit Ham
Smoked to perfection, this slow-cooked ham is pulled and served with mashed potatoes and pinto beans, which will satisfy your cravings for both hearty food and nostalgia.

Pit Ham Sandwich
This sandwich takes the best of one of the restaurant’s finest entrees and places it on a soft roll with Swiss cheese. Served alongside potato chips, your sandwich will satisfy your appetite without leaving you feeling uncomfortably full.

Meatloaf Stacker
Meatloaf has long been one of the most popular dishes served at Dollywood — and for good reason. Adorned with a tomato glaze, this storied meatloaf is served atop butter crust bread and alongside creamy mashed potatoes and pinto beans.

Beef Pot Roast
Extremely tender, this slow-cooked pot roast bursts with flavor. It does not come with veggies, however, as is common in many pot roasts. Instead, you’ll enjoy your meat with mashed potatoes and pinto beans — the standard sides at Granny Ogle’s.

Fruit Cobbler
If there has ever been an argument for saving room for dessert, it certainly can be found at Granny Ogle’s Ham n Beans, where, despite the name, the fruit cobbler is raved about even more frequently than the meat or sides. Specifically, visitors are obsessed with the blackberry cobbler, which comes with vanilla ice cream. Apple cobbler is also available, as is ice cream by itself.

Hearty eats are guaranteed at Granny Ogle’s Ham n Beans, where you’ll enjoy the best of Southern cooking as you relax in a down-home environment.

Insider Tips:
– Snag a spot on the porch if possible; you could be serenaded during your meal, as a stage is located next door.
– If you don’t particularly enjoy rides on a full stomach, consider splitting a meal with a friend. The meals themselves are filling as is, but they are also preceded by a large serving of cornbread. Even on its own, this tasty bread could quickly have you feeling full.