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Dogs n’ Taters

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Dogs n' Taters
Written by: David Angotti
Local Expert's Rating:
3.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for simple food that’ll get you going back at the action quickly, Dogs n’ Taters is where it’s at. This quick service option serves foot-long corndogs, one-third pound chili cheese dogs, and Dollywood's signature tater twirls.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

If you’re in the mood for some classic fair food, Dogs n’ Taters is the place for you! With the menu being just corn dogs, hot dogs, and curly fries (called tater swirls), Dogs n’ Taters is perfect for that indecisive eater. Plus, the food is just plain good.

Dogs n’ Taters is a shack where you grab your food and go. You’ll walk up to the register, take your pick of corn dog or hot dog, all meals come with tater swirls which everyone should be thrilled about, take your food, and find yourself a seat. There’s a little area where you can get ketchup, mustard, and other condiments for your food at the end of the shack.

There are some picnic areas close to Dogs n’ Taters, or you can find a bench to sit and enjoy your food on. You won’t have to wait long for these wienies done right; usually you’ve got it by the time you’re done paying. The prices are on the high end for a corn dog, but it is definitely good! You can get a foot long corn dog with tater swirls for $6.99, or try a chili cheese dog with those delightful swirls for $8.99.

You’re going to find this shack of doggone good food in Rivertown Junction. Don’t pass it up if you’re looking for a quick meal that’ll get you ready for more fun in the park!

Inside Tip: The line can get backed up during lunch and dinner time. Eating at unusual times for a meal helps with this.