Upcoming Events at Dollywood: April 2020

No matter when you visit Dollywood, there’s guaranteed to be a lot going on. From world-class musicians to gourmet food to epic rides, everyone can find something for them. This theme park stays so popular because it’s always changing things up for its guests, and this April is no exception. Find out more about the events this month, and why it’s a special time to visit. Whether you’re on spring break or just looking for a quick weekend getaway, Dollywood has you covered.

1. Festival of Nations

From March 14 to April 20, the Festival of Nations is a way to take a trip around the world without having to deal with any missed connections or jet lag. Featuring international cuisine, interactive performances, and some of the most colorful costumes you’ll ever see, this is a family event that can open your eyes to new cultures, tastes, and customs.

The top shows for this festival include Namaste India and Drumstruck, both of which pay tribute to the music of the homelands of the performers. Namaste India is a full tour of the country, as presented through the eyes of the famous Bollywood. The presentation tells a single story of a woman who wants to honor her mother’s hope for her to travel to India. As she goes across the land, you’ll be engrossed in the sights and sounds on stage.

Or check out Drumstroke, an unforgettable interactive performance where everyone gets a drum. Bringing together the beats of West and South Africa, the performers want you to experience the release of being lost in the rhythms of their respective countries and the joy of contributing your own ‘voice’ to the crowd. Oh, and don’t be shocked to look over from your drum and see Dolly Parton herself jamming out beside you. She loves attending the Festival of Nations!

2. Dollywood BBQ & Bluegrass

From April 23 to May 3, BBQ and Bluegrass is a tribute to the rich sounds and even richer foods of the South. Enjoying bite after bite of smoky barbeque while you listen to some of the best musicians in the area is one of the better ways to spend an afternoon or evening, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out. Headliners include Rhonda Vincent and the Cleverly’s, and all performances are included in the price of admission.

JigJam, Official Dailey and Vincent, Echo Valley, and Backline Bluegrass will all attend this tasty special event. It’s a chance to see talent of all ages express their creativity through the art of this music-centered genre. If you do swing by during this festival, be sure to try as many sauces as possible while you’re enjoying the performances. From the tangy-sweet to the smoky savory, there’s a rub for every palate.

3. A Day at Dollywood

Available from April 3 – 24, couples can enjoy a getaway that allows them to connect with both each other and the majesty of the Smoky Mountains. This package deal includes luxury accommodations, Dollywood tickets, and a Welcome Reception that includes dinner and an open bar. Dollywood spans more than 150 acres and features more than 40 amazing rides, plus top-notch entertainment.

From country to bluegrass to gospel, the history of music in the Appalachian Mountains is legendary for a reason. You’ll also see the past come to life in the form of daily demonstrations from master craftsmen, blacksmiths, and hand-blown glassmakers. It’s the perfect excuse to shake the stress off and just have a good time.  And if you happen to come toward the tail end of the promotion, you’ll get to experience the BBQ and Bluegrass Festival as a bonus.

4. Family Day

If you’re taking the kids out for spring break, there’s no doubt they’ll appreciate a little entertainment that’s geared just for them. Family Day puts the focus on the family and gives everyone a chance to enjoy a perfect day in the sun.

Every attendee receives lunch at a sumptuous buffet along with a backpack and plenty of family-friendly activities. The event is being held on April 26, sponsored by WoodmenLife Insurance, and takes place within the park. There will be a separate fee, and you will need to pick up your tickets upon entering Dollywood. You can pick between three separate lunchtimes, so make sure to sign up early to get the time slot you want.

There are so many reasons to come to Dollywood this April, not least of which because of its location. The Smokies are so rich in lore and beauty that it’s nearly impossible not to be moved by the sheer magnitude and scope of the land. As you get to know more about this area, whether it’s through food, music, or demonstrations, we think you’ll appreciate the mountains in a whole new way.