Wildwood Community Market

Get Healthy Meals and Groceries in One Stop at Wildwood Community Market in Boone
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Wildwood Community Market in downtown Boone, NC puts the locals first by providing products and meals using ingredients from area farmers. Stop by to get a tasty, healthy meal that supports area growers.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Stop by Wildwood Community Market in Boone, North Carolina, when looking for a local favorite for great-tasting, healthy foods.

Wildwood Community Market’s favor among the locals stems from its community focus. Wildwood Community Market derives the community portion of its name from its dedication to supporting local businesses and farmers. You’ll find various types of food and products on the shelves from area bakers, makers, and growers. For example, sandwiches from the kitchen often use buns from the local Between the Trees micro-bakery in Boone. Stick Boy Bread Company is the Boone baker the market from which the market sources its sliced sandwich bread from.

Community is such an integral part of the market’s history that the store used contributions from the community via online crowdfunding to partially fund the completion of its construction. The market today continues to give back by fulfilling the need locals have for a quality grocery store that sells healthy, dietary-specific items.

The market is also not crowded with tourists because it is a relatively recent addition to Boone. Many tourists have yet to discover the delicious foods served at lunch in the market. Consequently, the wait to get food from the kitchen is much shorter than at nearby restaurants. Since everything Wildwood Community Market prepares uses high-quality, organic, non-GMO, or local ingredients, the food is just as good if not better than that served at tourist hot spots.

When you visit, you can shop for groceries at any time during operating hours. However, if you stop by during breakfast or lunch, you can savor some of the housemade specialties from the kitchen. They freshly prepare all sandwiches to order, so you can adapt your order as desired. Even if you eat meat, try one of the kitchen’s tofu specials. The kitchen regularly surprises guests with how delicious they make tofu taste.

Try some of the following top-rated salads, sandwiches, and other dishes from the Wildwood Community Market kitchen:

Country-Fried Tofu Sandwich
The Country-Fried Tofu Sandwich stands out as a star of the menu for its surprisingly delicious taste that appeals to even meat eaters. This sandwich starts with a housemade tofu chicken-style patty that is both gluten-free and vegan. Layered between pieces of a Between the Trees milk bun are vegan, gluten-free tzatziki sauce, microgreens, tomatoes, and spring mix. All the vegetables come from local, organic farmers. Grillo Pickles complete the sandwich. Even long-time vegans rank this sandwich as one of the best uses of tofu they’ve eaten.

Chicken and Pimento Sandwich
You can enjoy local meats, too, from the kitchen at Wildwood Community Market. The Chicken and Pimento Sandwich use grilled chicken breast from Springer Mountain Farms in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The market freshly prepares pimento cheese for its sandwiches and deli salad offerings. Organic, local vegetables on the sandwich include tomatoes, spring mix, and microgreens. Grillo pickles add a tasty crunch to the dish.

You may have eaten pimento cheese sandwiches before. Most people have had grilled chicken sandwiches. But you’ve never had anything like the combination offered at Wildwood Community Market. Visitors have called it the best sandwich they’ve had. If you eat meat, you must order this meal.

Wildwood Special
The Wildwood Special lets you pick one protein and two of the freshly prepared deli sides. The portions on this meal deal are generous. You won’t feel deprived or hungry for a long while after enjoying the meal, regardless of which side options you choose.

Protein options include chicken from Springer Mountain Farms, Scottish salmon, and beef from Boone’s Shipley Beef. The kitchen also has vegan protein options, which can vary based on the day. Sides come from the rotating selection in the deli case, which can include mixed bean salad, potato salad, pasta salad, beets, chicken salad, broccoli salad, and cole slaw. Grab this special when you crave a filling meal with a variety of choices.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy healthy, freshly prepared meals and shop for specialty groceries at Wildwood Community Market.

Insider Tips:
-Relax with your meal at the indoor or outdoor seating.
-Park nearby at one of the downtown parking lots. The street in front of Wildwood Community Market is only open one way to vehicular traffic with the other lane dedicated to pedestrian travel. You can safely walk from any of the nearby parking areas to Wildwood.