Sky Valley Zip Tours

Sky-High Thrill-Fest in Woodsy North Carolina
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5.0 / 5
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Sky Valley Zip Tours is a premier zipline destination not just in Tennessee, but in the United States. It offers seven ziplines, a warm-up circuit, a bridge crossing, a giant slide, and a cliff jump, set in 140 acres of beautiful wooded wilderness. It’s ideal for family outings, birthday parties, travel adventures, and more.

- The Local Expert Team

From the beginning of human history, we’ve told stories about flying like birds. Flight is a common theme in myths from across time and space, and no wonder: what could be more wonderful or freeing than soaring through the air?

If the closest you’ve gotten to true flight is an airplane, you’re not alone. It just means you’ve yet to experience the glory of ziplines – and it’s time to change that.

Sky Valley Zip Tours is a destination like no other, sending you winging through the canopies of the Smoky Mountains’ beautiful hills and forests on an adventure you’ll never forget. It has seven lines, from the practice park where nervous newbies can warm up to Big Mama, a 1600-foot line that hovers 300 feet above the forest canopies of the valley.

The other lines have equally evocative names: Little Diddy, Blue Steel, Greased Lightning, Slingshot, Straight Shot, and Home Run. Or try the warmup area with Freestyle, Shorty, and All Downhill From Here. Whatever your speed (lol), you’ll find something that works when you visit Sky Valley Zip Tours.

It’s not just about the ziplining, either. When you arrive, you’ll jump straight into an ATV for a bumpy, beautiful jaunt up the mountain to Ground School, where you’ll learn all about zip safety and practice on shorter lines.

From there, you can enjoy the full zipline course, including the cliff rappel and 120-foot-long, 50-foot-tall swinging bridge – can you do it with no hands?? Overall, Sky Valley is as memorable an adventure as they come, the perfect place for making memories as families, couples, and groups of friends.

Note that children must be at least 10 years old and 70 pounds to participate. If they are younger or smaller than that, they can enjoy the Whistle Pig Adventure Course instead. Adults should note that the weight limit caps out at 250 pounds.

A few highlights of Sky Valley Zip Tours include:

Night Flight
This after-sunset course includes five of the seven main zip lines, some illuminated by lights and headlamps. However, the biggest line – Big Mama – is lit only by the moon and stars. The company sets certain dates and times depending on the time of year and when the sun sets, so you’ll have to watch for times and jump on tickets then.

Whistle Pig Adventure Park
Little ones who aren’t ready for the big time can still have fun at Sky Valley. Whistle Pig Adventure Park boasts seven pint-sized lines for pint-sized people, helping them master the skills needed to one day hit the main course. There is also a slide and bridge, a miniature version of the adult bridge.

Cat Off-Road Adventures
Enjoy an off-road adventure like never before: it’s environmentally friendly! With four-wheeled electric vehicles that get you up close and personal with mountain trails and streams, you’ll conquer the backcountry on a several-hour guided tour that rambles over the 140-acre property.

No matter which approach you take to getting your thrill on, though, you’re pretty much guaranteed a good time. To get the most out of the experience, check out our insider tips!

634 Sky Ranch Road, Blowing Rock, NC 28605

Insider Tips:
-No need to bring a camera – the tour company takes pictures for you!
-Make sure to wear shorts that come down far enough to provide padding between the harness and your legs, or you might be uncomfortable.
-Bring a discreet bag to leave your cell phone, jewelry, and valuables in. You will be asked to lock them in the car.
-Zip tours go ahead rain or shine, so dress appropriately. In cold weather, you may want to wear thin gloves that will fit comfortably under the provided (and required) work gloves.
-Sky Valley Zip Tours does weight checks on-site. Make sure you fall in the 70- to 250-pound range to avoid disappointment.