Front Porch Antique Market

Our Antiques, Your Treasures: Front Porch Antique Market
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Visit Front Porch Antique Market to discover treasures amidst the 60 booths and 10,000 square foot shopping space. Don’t forget to visit the coffee shop while visiting for an additional special treat. You never know what you might discover when spending a few hours perusing through history! 

- The Local Expert Team

Featuring exclusive inventory and merchandise that boasts a history all its own is the Front Porch Antique Market in Boone, NC. As the largest antique market in all of the high country, locals and tourists alike enjoy spending a few hours pursuing Front Porch Antique Market’s over 60 booths. Experienced sales associates will cheerfully assist you as you make your way through this eclectic selection of antiques, or you can shop on your own and simply take your time and enjoy yourself.

The large showroom, spanning over 10,000 square feet, contains ample room for many items ensuring that guests will find a wide assortment of all sorts of treasures, such as historic finds and attractive accouterments and furnishings. In addition to the hunt for hidden treasure amid its shelves and booths, guests can also enjoy coffee from the market’s coffee shop and free Wi-Fi while on the premises. In addition, the location has garnered increased interest from sellers who display their finds, meaning guests will always be looking through newly displayed inventory.

Front Porch Antique Market, featuring antiques, gifts, and goods times offers a vast selection of quality antiques. Featured vendors specialize in kitchen accessories, china, books, farm tools, and more. If you can think of it, chances are, you will find it when visiting this interesting location. If you do strike out though and are unable to find the exact right item, the experienced vendors can direct you as you seek to find the hidden jewel among the rough. Add to this, the fair prices, and it’s easy to see why this is such a popular stop when visiting Boone.

With the motto, “our antiques, your treasures,” the main goal when visiting this location is to spend your time searching for just the right item. The thrill of the hunt, finding something that has historical significance, or simply discovering the one item that will go perfect on your shelf at home is the reason to add a stop to the Front Porch Antique Market on your day’s itinerary.

After visiting the Front Porch Antique Market, consider moving on into the town of Boone for more notable activities. Boone, a town located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, features many historic sites you can visit as well as state parks with hiking opportunities. Guests also enjoy tubing, paddling, or casting a line in the beautiful New River, which is nearby.

North Carolina’s oldest travel attraction, the Blowing Rock, is known as “the only place in the world where snow falls upside down.” Visiting Blowing Rock’s dramatic views on the cliffside allows you to be part of this colorful Native American legend. This too is another Boone attraction you can enjoy as part of your day built around your visit to the Front Porch Antique Market.

Stepping into an antique market like the one at Front Porch Antique Market is like taking a walk back in time. You will see items that perhaps cause you to remember something from your childhood, or instead think of someone you loved very much who is no longer with us on earth. Ideally, the visit will evoke pleasant memories of time past as well as elicit positive feelings when you find just the right item for your home’s decor or to give as a gift to someone you love.

Although it is just “stuff,” the items that you can pursue make up the vestiges of life, so taking the time to look through them is a great way to spend a day when visiting the Boone area. You simply won’t experience the thrill of the hunt in finding just the right item in a modern-day store with brand-new inventory. Your visit to the Front Porch Antique Market is more than a shopping trip, it’s a trip down memory lane.

Insider Tips:
-In addition to coffee, the in-store coffee shop sells snacks.
-Front Porch Antique Market also features local honey and other treats.
-This antique store has public bathrooms.