Top 5 Dessert Shops in Boone to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

If a little indulgence is on the menu–and it should be, when you’re on vacation–you’ve got a lot of options. Boone is known as a bit of an up-and-coming foodie paradise, and it leaves little to be desired when it comes to sweet shops. Whether you’re a fan of ice cream, cakes and cookies, fine chocolate, or other confectionary delights, you’ll find it here. With character to spare. And a great cuppa joe, hot chocolate, or wine to pair it with.  Boone is an excellent place to ditch the big-name chains and venture off the beaten path. Try out some local dessert shops in Boone that serve up incredible food with local North Carolina flair.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. Blue Deer

Blue Deer | 352 W King St, Boone, NC 28607 | (828) 832-8010 | Photo Credit: @bluedeer_nc on Instagram

Blue Deer is a coffee and sweets shop best known for its build-your-own ice cream sandwiches. Choose from an array of cookies, including easily recognizable favorites (snickerdoodle, chocolate chip) and some house specialties (honey bear, double chocolate). Pair it with your choice of ice cream for an ice cream sandwich you won’t soon forget. Blue Deer uses a local, small-batch ice cream called Homeland Creamery. You can also get it by the scoop at this location, and its rich creaminess is hard to beat.

Blue Deer also serves up espresso drinks and has plenty of welcoming, thoughtfully decorated hang-out spaces. Their seating includes an upstairs seating area and an outdoor balcony overlooking downtown Boone. This is a great place to pop in if you want to sit down and put up your feet for a bit while savoring something delicious, but it’s equally great for grabbing a coffee and ice cream while you’re out exploring.

2. Appalachia Cookie Company

Appalachia Cookie Company | 208 Faculty St, Boone, NC 28607 | (828) 355-4448

Baked-to-order cookies don’t get much better unless they’re coming from your own grandma’s oven. Appalachia Cookie Company boasts a huge variety of cookies which they bake to order–so expect a 15-minute wait time (unless you order in advance online). These award-winning cookies really do take the cake. They’re perfectly cooked every time, soft but not too soft, with a flavor to satisfy every palate and that little something magic that not many cookie shops have up their sleeve.

Traveling with family or friends? Opt for a half dozen or a dozen so you can sample as many flavors as possible.

3. Hole Lotta Doughnuts

Hole Lotta Doughnuts | 494 W King St, Boone, NC 28607 | (828) 865-1221

Who doesn’t love a freshly made donut? Hole Lotta Doughnuts serves up a wide variety of flavors of donuts, fritters, and even cupcakes and other pastries, depending on the day. They have pretty generous hours for a donut shop and even offer wine and cider/donut pairings some evenings.

Much like a cozy hometown coffee shop, the environment at Hole Lotta Doughnuts invites you to come in and relax. A sofa and armchairs, a checkers board, and other games make this a great spot to sit down and stay awhile. At times the wait can be a bit on the long side; they don’t always have more than one person on staff. But if you’re not in a hurry, you won’t regret stopping in for a donut (or a dozen!). Hole Lotta Doughnuts serves up great coffee and espresso drinks, too, so if you’re craving a latte with your donut this is the place.

4. Stick Boy Bread Company

cake with icing on top in display case

Stick Boy Bread Company | 345 Hardin St, Boone, NC 28607 | (828) 268-9900

Stick Boy Bread Company has two locations in Boone: one is a kitchen, which serves up a full menu of soups, sandwiches, and salads–and, of course, to-die-for homemade bread. The bakery is the star of the show if you’re in search of sweets, though; their pastry menu varies by the month and features a wide array of pastries and confections. Look for galettes, coffee cakes, scones, cookies, cheesecakes, sweetbreads, bagels, and more; the hardest part is making a choice.

Stick Boy Bread Company has been around for years, and it’s run by a local family that loves the bread business. They love what they do, and you can feel that positive vibe in the atmosphere when you walk through the doors of the bakery or the sit-down restaurant.

5. Venture Chocolate and Wine Co.

Venture Chocolate and Wine Co. | 605 W King St, Boone, NC 28607

If none of the other places on this list have piqued your interest yet, read on. Imagine chocolate, wine, and more chocolate, including the perfect pairings of each, served up in a cozy, sophisticated shop in the middle of Boone. When you walk into Venture Chocolate and Wine Co., the scent of house-made chocolate permeates the atmosphere and the warm, polished bar invites you to sit down and savor something unusually delightful. From serious dark chocolate processed in-house to delectable pastries, you’ll find something tantalizing to taste.

Want something lovely to drink, as well? Select from a variety of wines, including some local varieties. Try a latte or a seasonal mocha. Or enjoy a sipping chocolate with a splash of Grand Marnier for good measure. It’s hard to go wrong here–and you might find yourself coming back more than once before you head back home from vacation.

Of course, you’ll find more sweets as you stroll the streets of Boone, but these are fan favorites thanks to their exceedingly top-notch flavors, their atmosphere, and their subtle but crucial atmosphere of warm welcome. Stop in, look around, and relax for a while with something that tastes as hygge as a Boone vacation feels.