Top 5 Tastiest Coffee Shops in Boone, North Carolina

Looking for a great cup of coffee? Boone, North Carolina is just the sort of town where you might expect to find local, artsy coffee shops tucked in and around the many attractions and college buildings. And your expectations would be right. From modern, hip shops to cozy, welcoming coffee roasters that feel like they’ve grown up with the town, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Hatchet Coffee

150A Den Mac Dr, Boone, NC 28607

Photo Credit by @lesliemmack on Instagram

Hatchet Coffee is a hidden gem of a coffee shop and roaster, tucked right into a little commercial center off Bamboo Road. Hatchet boasts a variety of house-roasted blends, and it sources small-batch beans and micro-lots from around the world to be roasted on-site. Many locals and tourists pick up their pound or two of beans regularly.

The shop itself gives off an artsy, contemporary vibe. An eye-catching floral mural commands attention when you walk in, and displays feature a few tasteful pieces of Hatchet Coffee merch alongside a few selections by local artists and vendors. Visitors rave about the avocado toast, describing it as the best they’ve ever had. The seasonal drinks, house-roasted coffee blends, and espresso beverages also keep patrons coming back.

The interior manages to be cozy yet airy with ample seating, and you’ll feel right at home settling in with a book or a laptop for a few hours.

Talia Espresso

444 W King St, Boone, NC 28607
(828) 386-1919

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Talia Espresso is located on King Street, making it a great stop for a pick-me-up when you’re enjoying the downtown area. The shop itself is tiny, with just a couple of stools at a small bar inside. This is not the place to hang out for hours. It is, however, a great stop for a sweet pastry, latte, or another coffee drink.

Regulars swear by the German chocolate latte and the fruit smoothies.

Kovu’s Coffee

869 NC-105 Extension # 1, Boone, NC 28607

Photo Credit by @kovuscoffee on Instagram

Need some caffeine therapy and a friendly pooch to pet? Look no further. Kovu’s Coffee comes with a canine mascot who chills in the coffee shop with his people. The shop is warm and welcoming, with a chill, traditional coffee shop feel. You won’t find contemporary art or bright, soaring colors here, but you will find excellent coffee, latte art, and possibly even a wagging tail.

There is a generous amount of seating, so you’re likely to find a spot to sit down and stay for a while. Kovu’s is located just a couple of blocks from the Boone Mall, making it a convenient stop whether you’re passing through or exploring the town for a while.

Espresso News

267 Howard St, Boone, NC 28607
(828) 264-8850

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Head to Espresso News for freshly baked pastries, homemade soup, real fruit smoothies, and espresso drinks that are consistently top-notch every time. It’s the perfect way to start a day of exploring the North Carolina foothills.

Espresso News can seem a bit hard to find, tucked away a bit behind the buildings facing the main road. But it’s worth the effort to head over. Expect a down-to-earth vibe that invites you to kick your feet up and get cozy. The exposed brick walls and warm lighting set the tone, the food and drink make you want to stay, and the comfortable seating ensures you feel right at home.

Espresso News is located in the building across the street from the Mast General Store, in an alcove tucked behind the F.A.R.M. Cafe.

Blue Ridge Nutrition

475 Blowing Rock Rd. Ste 103. Boone, NC 28607
(828) 434-3443

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Looking for a healthy breakfast to pair with your coffee or tea? Blue Ridge Nutrition offers a huge variety of smoothies as well as coffee drinks and milkshakes. Blue Ridge is take-out only, but it’s a quick and easy grab-and-go option when you’re in a hurry. The shop is easy to miss if you’re not watching for it; it’s located on Blowing Rock Road, in the University Overlook building.

Common Good Espresso + Nosh Bar

685 W King St, Boone, NC 28607
(828) 260-4819

This adorable little coffee shop is a relatively recent addition to the Boone coffee scene. It’s located right between the Mountain Running Company and Ben and Jerrie’s on King Street, and it’s new enough that you’re unlikely to encounter a line when you step through the door.

The welcoming atmosphere, mouthwatering sandwiches and treats, and excellent drinks make this a no-brainer when you need a little something to keep you going.

Higher Grounds Coffee Shop

201 New Market Centre #10, Boone, NC 28607
(828) 265-1114

Higher Grounds serves up a cozy, vintage atmosphere–definitely a step above anything you might expect from a strip mall coffee shop. Expect to find a wide variety of global coffee beans and baristas who know how to match you up with the right selection; you’re free to bag your own (prices are by the pound), then request the beans to be ground to your preferred coarseness.

The drinks themselves are consistent, fresh, and hot, crafted with fresh ingredients by baristas who know what they’re doing. A simple cup of brewed coffee is just a couple of dollars. Warm colors, bins of coffee beans abounding, and the cozy, welcoming decor welcome you in and make you feel right at home. There’s not a ton of seating inside, but the atmosphere definitely invites sitting down and staying for a while.

Whether you’re visiting Appalachian State University, enjoying a museum, or heading to one of the many nearby hiking trails, stopping for coffee is always a great first step. In town for multiple days? You might just want to tour a new shop each morning. It’s hard to beat Boone’s unique personality, and the local coffee shops are a great way to get a taste of that North Carolina foothills atmosphere.