Top 10 Things to Do in Boone, NC on a Rainy Day

As the rainy days start to come your way, all your favorite Boone activities may start to go to the wayside. While possible, it’s just not as enjoyable to explore the parks and otherwise spend time outdoors while it’s a tidbit drizzly outside. Thankfully, you can easily switch gears and enjoy all the other great things about the area once the rains arrive. To help you figure out where to go, here’s a look at the top 10 things to do in Boone, North Carolina, on a rainy day.

Appalachian Mountain Brewery

Set near the Pisgah National Forest, the Appalachian Mountain Brewery is a great place to watch the rainfall while satisfying all your cravings for tasty food and drinks. At this craft brewery, you’re welcome to kick back and relax in the taproom to your heart’s content. During your visit, you’ll get to choose between 32 distinctive drinks, including small-batch brews, ciders, and seltzers. They also have a well-curated cocktail list designed to delight sip after sip.

Booneshine Brewing Company

If you still want to chill outside while the rain comes down, set your sights on a visit to the Booneshine Brewing Company. Their gorgeous covered patio allows you to get a front-row seat to all the rainy action while sipping on whatever suits your fancy. You have your choice of all their small-batch brews, including the ever-popular Berry Patch Gose. Plus, they happily serve up the tastiest small-bite plates around.

Turchin Center

Do you love to see the latest works from local artists? If so, you definitely need to take a trip to the Turchin Center at Appalachian State University. A beloved center for visual arts, this gallery regularly puts the spotlight on new and experienced artists with its temporary exhibit showcase. On top of that, they have all their brilliantly curated permanent exhibits, which are impossible to get tired of seeing.

Mysterium Escape Adventure

Whenever you want to challenge yourself to think through fun puzzles within the time limit, try out the Mysterium Escape Adventure. At this escape room, you get to join up to seven players in working through the mind-twistingly difficult puzzles. The timer ticks away in the background, adding to the pressure. If you can manage to escape in record time, your name will land on the scoreboard for all to admire.

Mast General Store

If you’re just in the mood to shop around at your leisure, you cannot go wrong with a trip to the Mast General Store. This shop first opened its doors in the mid-1800s, back when the town was Valle Crucis. Since then, they’ve maintained their old country aesthetic while adding modern wares to their lineup. While exploring their historic shop, you can find clothing, housewares, toys, and so much more. Just don’t miss the chance to shop all their old-school candy in the big barrels up front.

Foggy Mountain Gem Mine

Have you always dreamed of hitting the gold mines in hopes of striking it rich? If that’s your ultimate fantasy, then get a taste of the action by going on over to the Foggy Mountain Gem Mine. Don’t worry. You won’t have to swing your pickaxe in hopes of finding brilliant gems. Instead, you buy a big bucket of rocks and pan through them to see what treasures await discovery. You can shop all their beautiful rocks and gems, too, if you don’t find just what want most.

Blowing Rock Art & History Museum

At Blowing Rock Art & History Museum, you get to take a deep dive into Appalachian culture while exploring the art world. The pairing of history and artwork wonderfully allows you to build your knowledge about both subjects at the same time. Want to try your own hand at making truly creative works of art? You can do that, too. Just sign up for their workshops and other classes for a chance to create with the best of them.

Center 45

When the steady rains leave you unable to complete your exercise routine, come and break a sweat at Center 45. Built to truly challenge your physical abilities, this center serves as a hub for climbers and other fitness pros. As you get a feel for the key climbing techniques, you might even gain the confidence needed to take your activities outdoors once it dries up. The center can help with that, too, by providing the education you need to go on safe climbs all across Boone and beyond.

10 High Country Lanes

Whenever you want to eat, drink, and roll your bowling ball toward the pins, plan a visit to 10 High Country Lanes. At their full-service bowling facility, you can spend the whole day playing game after game on your own or with friends. In between, you’re welcome to get your fill of all the alley classics, like Fried Pickles, Chicken Tenders, and burgers galore. Once the rain dies down, they’re happy to set up cornhole on the lawn, so you can try your hand at a variety of games at every visit.

Linville Caverns

Do you want to explore all the wonders of the Earth without going out in the rain? Just head on over to Linville Caverns for explorations to remember. At this awe-inspiring site, you get to go deep inside the mountainside to see all the geological formations beneath the surface. Your tour guide will point out all the most amazing sights along the way, ensuring you don’t miss a thing. Then, you can visit the gift shop afterward to buy a few souvenirs to commemorate this unique experience.

Although you could pick any of these activities at random and have a fantastic time, it’s best to try to enjoy them all. So, go down the list from top to bottom to see just what awaits all across Boone, NC. Only then can you zero in on your favorites, making it as easy as pie to create your rainy-day itinerary whenever the weather calls for it.