Best Restaurants in Boone, NC

Boone, NC isn’t a large town, even when classes at Appalachian State University are in session, but it is a fairly popular one. Every season of the year brings people to Boone, NC thanks to its great array of outdoor activities that include skiing, hiking, and unique area attractions. But for whatever brings you into Boone, one thing is for certain: You will need to eat.

The following is a quick snapshot of some of the most popular restaurants in the city:

Best Restaurants in Boone NC

Dan’l Boone Inn

Dan’l Boone Inn is a southern country restaurant located within a historic building that once served as both a rooming house and hospital quarters. Today, it serves as an exceptional brunch and dinner restaurant that uniquely serves up food like an old country inn. That is to say, they don’t have menus outlining individual items. Instead, you go for brunch or dinner and you get a multi-course meal like a country grandma might have served.

Come Back Shack

Come Back Shack is fast food restaurant that serves up fresh local fare. This is the place you want to go when you something fast and delicious, but also sustainable, such as a massive beef burger sourced from a local farm. Come Back Shack features a drive-thru when you need to grab food fast and outstanding inside and outside dining areas.

Coyote Kitchen

If you have people who don’t eat meat, dairy, or otherwise have food allergies and sensitivities, then the Coyote Kitchen ought to be at the top of your Boone must-try list. This established restaurant has been serving up southwest Caribbean soul food since 2003.

The Pedalin’ Pig

The Pedalin’ Pig is another Boone area restaurant that prioritizes fresh, local ingredients on the menu. The concept behind this brand has always been simple: Take gourmet ingredients and serve them up in a high country style. The result is mouth-watering barbecue, ribs, and much more.

Troy’s 105 Diner

Troy’s 105 Diner is a true diner with its own jukebox, extended bar, and barstools, and boasting a ton of vintage memorabilia on the walls. Unfortunately, they are not an all-night diner, so pay attention to the hours but be sure to go here when you want tall pancakes and a frothy milkshake.

The Local

The Local is a dynamic restaurant and bar in the heart of Boone, NC. The location bills itself as an upscale-casual New American eatery with popular menu items like a Southern Steak Philly and a Cuban sandwich served across toasted naan bread. On weekend nights, The Local transforms into a happening late-night DJ and dance location that’s popular with the local college students.

Wild Craft Eatery

Wild Craft Eatery is a cozy little restaurant situated in Boone, NC’s historic district. It’s hard to miss this restaurant due to being within a building designed much like a red barn with a massive red patio that is ideal for people watching. Wild Craft Eatery has something of an eclectic menu, featuring dishes from Mexico to New Delhi, and mostly sourced from local ingredients.

Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread is a beloved sandwich stop located right along King Street in Downtown Boone. This place was first founded in 1984 and has been operating strong ever since. You’ll often see a long line wrapped out the door during the busiest of lunch hours, but don’t let that dissuade you if you’re in the mood for a premier sandwich.


Proper is a proper southern restaurant that is best known for its delightful seasonal dishes. You’ll find this restaurant within a historic building on Water Street and boasting a lovely patio surrounded by lush landscaping. Proper and popular dishes at this southern-styled spot include collard greens, meatloaf, and hot-dipped chicken.

Joy Bistro

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You’ll find this Fresh-American restaurant located at the very end of the shopping mall called New Market Centre. There is both an inside and outside patio, both of which feature contemporary modern design. Popular menu items at Joy Bistro include a pan-seared salmon with roasted potatoes and a half-pound all-natural grass-fed beef burger.

Casa Rustica Restaurant

Casta Rustica Restaurant is a true Italian restaurant, built up and inspired by the children of Italian chefs who then became chefs in their own right, opening up this Boone restaurant and then passing it on to their own children. Go here hen you’re ready to verifiably stuff yourself on massive pasta delicious paired with premier wines.

Red Onion Cafe

The Red Onion Cafe is a lovely open-air cafe located just off of Boone’s Hardin St. This restaurant is featured in a stand-alone business and boasts a nice street-view patio area as well as a large interior dining room space. Their prices are reasonable, especially for the part of Boone it’s located in, and the food is quite delicious. You’ll find a long menu featuring classic fast-casual American fares like sandwiches, cheeseburgers, pasta, and specialty chicken dishes.

Melanie’s Food Fantasy

Melanie’s Food Fantasy is a bustling breakfast and lunch spot that has been serving up locals and Boone visitors since 1991. This place boasts a bit of an eclectic feel or vibe with multiple rooms, different styled art across the walls, and mismatched dining room furniture. There’s also an expansive outdoor patio featuring classic patio tables and chairs that Melanie’s Food Fantasy sometimes rents out for parties and other styles of events. Go here to enjoy big breakfasts, pick-me-up coffee drinks, and decadent lunch items.

Enjoy Your Explorations in Boone, NC, and Beyond

We hope this list of top restaurants in Boone, NC helps inspire you to navigate the area for good eats and delicious drinks during your next visit. But don’t just stay for the food! Boone is a lovely historic town that has a lot to offer. Learn more about it and its many attractions by visiting our other pages.