Feed Live Bears at Three Bears General Store
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The Bottom Line: If paying to see live bears bothers you, know that the Three Bears General Store states that proceeds from admission and bear food goes to pay for the upkeep of the habitat. Since any trip to the Smoky Mountains isn’t complete without seeing a bear, plan to take your family on an inexpensive, safe, and fun visit to the bear habitat at Three Bears General Store.

Bear Habitat

Feed Live Bears at Three Bears General Store: Affordable, Adorable Family Fun

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t come the Smoky Mountains hoping to see a black bear? Since arriving in town, you’ve driven Cades Coves three times and have yet to spot a single black bear. Bear proof trash cans also mean there is little chance of spotting these furry black creatures from the comfort and safety of your cabin. Thankfully, Three Bears General Store in Pigeon Forge is home to a live bear habitat.

The entrance to the bear habitat is located at the back of the store on the second floor, past endless displays of souvenirs and decor. Before you leave your car, remind yourself and your children for the goal of your visit: seeing the bears, not purchasing another slice of fudge or tacky t-shirt. I don’t think it is by mistake that the bear habitat entrance is very close to the children’s toy department.

Pay for admission at the habitat entrance, then enter and feed the live black bears. The habitat is clean and well-maintained, with viewing points from several levels, but very zoo-like and constructed primarily of concrete. Adults and children alike will love seeing bears walking around, playing, or standing on their hind legs to attract food.

Don’t miss Three Bears General Store’s live bear habitat. This affordable outing will be one of your family’s fun memories from your trip to the Smokies!

Insider Tips:
If you want to feed the bears, plan your visit during the four hours of feeding time each day (10 am – Noon, 3-4 pm, 7-8 pm).
The “coupons” section of the Three Bears General Store’s website has a printable buy one get one free bear admission coupon.

Three Bears General Store is located at Traffic Light #4 on the parkway in Pigeon Forge.


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