Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards

Local Expert's Rating:
5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards is the place to go for wine and hard cider made from fruit grown right on their property. They go beyond simply producing flavorful beverages to offering a full-tasting experience. You can even catch your favorite musicians playing live, attend a cooking class, or tour the orchards during your visit.

- The Local Expert Team

At Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards, they go above and beyond in creating every glass of wine served in their onsite tasting room. They start by growing many different varieties of grapes, including their specialty, French vinifera, to produce over 30 types of wine. Then, they take their offerings to the next level with an entire orchard of fruits that help elevate their wine flavors and allow them to make hard cider as well.

In growing all the grapes and other fruit for their drinks, they only use sustainable farming techniques that honor the land and tradition of making wine and hard cider. You can see their passion for farming for yourself by joining the owner for hikes through the farm each week in the summer and fall months. 

You can also taste their commitment to excellence by simply jetting over to the tasting room to try your preferred drink selections. The quaint farmhouse setting promises to instantly make you feel at home, as does the exceptional service offered from the second you walk through the doors. In addition, the staff takes the time to get to know your name and preferences, so you’ll always feel like a valuable member of the community. 

At each visit, you can chill by the fireplace or take your drinks out onto the outdoor patio. Either way, don’t be surprised if local musicians hop in front of the crowd to show off their latest songs. Then, as they fill the property with wondrous tunes, you can sit back and enjoy the gorgeous views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Be sure to ask about their cooking classes, yoga, and other community events while you’re there. They regularly have fun activities on the schedule to keep everyone having the time of their life with every visit. 

Most popular wine offerings on their menu:

Known as their signature wine, their Chardonnay boasts the perfect combination of grape, pineapple, apricot, and apple flavors. Each sip finishes off strong with a blast of pear and lemon to cleanse the palate and ready you for another drink. 

Betty Jean
Betty Jean was dreamed up to honor the owner’s sister and celebrate her hard work. All the apple and apricot flavors in this wine dance around the tastebuds before leaving tropical notes behind. The balance of crisp and sweet flavors never fails to delight, making it the perfect everyday beverage.  

Bearwallow Mountain
Previously called Wallace #1, Bearwallow Mountain is their original cider and a definite fan favorite on the menu. As you swirl this drink in your mouth, the sweet notes stand strong but then taper off to a tart finish. 

Each Friday, from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm, they invite the Haus Heidelberg Food truck to delight the crowds. Their traditional Bavarian dishes pair perfectly with many of the wine varieties on the menu. Just ask what goes best together if you’re unsure what to order to get a few fantastic recommendations.

Insider Tips:
-You’re welcome to bring your dog along on your trip to this vineyard as long as they stay on their leash the whole time.
-When you buy their wine by the case, they offer a discount of 20% off. Their promotions are not available to those in South Dakota, however.
-Have a special event coming up? You can hold your festivities at this vineyard by reserving the space ahead of time. Just give them a call or fill out the form on their website to get started.