plēb urban winery

Embrace Asheville Sensibilities at Pleb Urban Winery in the River Arts District
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Discover the appeal of old-world winemaking and the modern River Arts scene at Pleb Urban Winery. This contemporary producer emphasizes close community connections and sustainable practices. If you adore Asheville brewery vibes but prefer to drink wine, this location is your dream come true.

- The Local Expert Team

Combining the best of old-world techniques and contemporary style, Pleb Urban Winery carries an appealing aesthetic and sense of community that feels true to Asheville’s River Arts District. As a result, this destination almost feels like a brewery, making it a favorite among wine lovers who prefer to avoid tasting experiences that feel pretentious.

Sustainability is a clear priority at Pleb Urban Winery, where wine is kept in kegs to limit the labor associated with the bottling process. Sustainability is also made possible by carefully selecting source farms, which minimize chemical use and focus on implementing organic practices whenever possible.

The attention to detail evident in Pleb’s wine production and serving practices will immediately be apparent as you relax at the taproom. Ideal for quiet gatherings, this comfortable yet vibrant space encourages you to take a second look at its unique decor. The interior style is lovely, but you will be especially blown away by the stunning mural visible from the facility’s exterior. 

After you’ve treated yourself to a close look at Pleb’s urban artwork, take some time to relax with a flight. Your tasting experience will expose you to a range of locally produced wines, which bring the unique characteristics of the Appalachian wine scene to the forefront. Not sure which types of wine to try? The staff members are knowledgeable and happy to provide recommendations.

Beware if you prefer dry wines: the offerings here tend to be on the sweeter side. However, if you have specific tastes in wine, consider checking out the current list on the website before you stop by. You’ll find several appealing house selections, as well as a few experimental varieties that only the most daring wine enthusiasts will be willing to sample.


A few of our favorite wine varieties served here include the following:

Foundy White
This house white wine features notes of candied citrus fruit. You’ll also observe aromatics reminiscent of pear and vanilla, plus the creamy finish found among several wines served at Pleb. 

An excellent option for fruit lovers, this unique Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc blend has subtle banana vibes and notes of crabapple. In its official description of the wine, Pleb also references Now & Later candy — specifically, the tropical punch variety.

Chambourcin Rosé Pét Nat
This sparkling rosé is almost too pretty to drink. It features a plum color to match its fruity aromatics. You’ll also notice blackberry, black cherry, and even hints of rose petals.

Cellarest Beer Project Collaboration
If you’re truly daring, you’ll enjoy experimenting with this strange yet surprisingly enjoyable option, which brings the best of wine and beer together. The Vidal Blanc at the heart of this beverage is fermented on the skins of Seyval Blanc and Cabernet Franc, alongside Cellarest beer yeast.

Go beyond the beer culture of Asheville to discover all that the local wine scene has to offer. If you’re on the hunt for an artsy experience that perfectly exemplifies the Asheville lifestyle, you will adore everything about Pleb Urban Winery.

Insider Tips:
-This dog-friendly location encourages you to bring your well-behaved canine companion for a visit. You and your pup are welcome to hang out together on the patio.
-If you fall in love with Pleb’s wine and would like to get in on the most cutting-edge creations, consider joining the available wine club. As a valued member, you will receive three wines with each shipment — and all at a favorable price. Shipments occur in April and October. The winery also throws an exclusive annual party for club members.