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MTN Merch - Asheville-Themed and Local Products
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

MTN Merch specializes in Asheville-themed and locally produced products. With clothes, hats and non-clothing goods, this is an excellent place to find gifts and souvenirs.

- The Local Expert Team

MTN Merch is a souvenir shop that’s not kitschy. Instead, everything here is something that you might actually want to take home or give to a friend.

The selection of goods is dominated by clothing, which primarily consists of T-shirts and onesies (for infants). The T-shirts have stylish and fun designs focused on local themes, and there are available sizes for everyone. Toddler, youth and men’s sizes are available, but women will find the men’s sizes acceptable.

Aside from T-shirts, other specifically Asheville-themed products include a leather cup holder, coasters and stickers. All of these have the city name written out in the shape of North Carolina.

In addition to these items, there’s also a range of locally produced goods. Choose from spices, salves, lotions and books that don’t sport the Asheville logo as prominently regionally themed.

Prices for everything mentioned are affordable. Most products fall between $10 and $25, with the adult T-shirts being priced at $24.99. A few goods, like stickers, are cheaper, and one or to items is just above the $25 mark.

Among all the souvenir stores in Asheville, MTN Merch stands out for its carefully curated selection of locally themed and made products. You won’t find the widest selection of goods here, but every item is something you may actually want as a souvenir. If you’re shopping for multiple people, there’s enough selection that you can find something for everyone on your list.

A few of our product favorites at MTN Merch include:

Hike Hops Habitat T-Shirt
There are lots of good T-shirt designs to choose from, but the Hike Hops Habitat T-Shirt captures Asheville especially well. Come here for the hiking trails, breweries and outdoor activities, and share what you enjoyed in three simple words.

Asheville State Custom Leather Insulator
The region surrounding Asheville has more than 30 breweries. If you plan on going to a few of these, pick up an Asheville State Custom Leather Insulator early on in your visit. The holder is elegant and will fit most beer glasses, and it’ll help keep those brews you order cold in the North Carolina heat.

Southern Appalachian Spice Blends
A foodie’s choice, the Southern Appalachian Spice Blends pack the flavors of the region into single jars. Choose any of the four blend variations developed by the Asheville Spice Co., or get all four to cook at home with. They’re great when grilling and can be used in many other dishes.

Asheville Mountain Man Sticker
The artfully designed Asheville Mountain Man Sticker is chic yet rugged. Plaster it on your laptop, notebook or bumper, and it’ll be an instant conversation starter.

Backcountry Camping in the Pisgah Ranger District
Backcountry Camping in the Pisgah Ranger District isn’t a cheap book, but it’s a must-have if you plan on overnight camping in the region. The guidebook includes detailed hiking directions, coordinates of 50 campsite locations and the best water source for each of the listed campsites. Don’t get this as a souvenir, but rather as essential reading before you go out into the wilderness.

Insider Tip:
If there’s a souvenir that you want but don’t see in stock, ask the staff whether they have it. If they carry the product but don’t currently have any in, they may be able to ship it to you once a new order of that product arrives.