Little Switzerland Orchard and Winery

Little Switzerland Orchard and Winery - Small Batch Wines Made to Delight from Start to Finish (Temporarily Closed)
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

At Little Switzerland Orchard and Winery, small-batch goodness is the name of the game. So whether you're after mead and hard cider or fruit wine and sake, you can trust that this is the best place to get it in North Carolina. In addition to their quality beverages, you'll adore their cozy tasting room and friendly service.

- The Local Expert Team

Although still in its startup phase, Little Switzerland Orchard and Winery is making huge waves in North Carolina. Dedicated to creating small-batch mead, hard cider, fruit wine, and sake, this winery always goes above and beyond in all they do. Their journey began with the planting of their now rather bountiful orchard in 2012. Then, they let their fruit trees grow to maturity for six years before starting the beverage creation process in 2018.  

Their focus on small-batch, unfiltered wine allows them to perfect each variety and switch it up regularly. The result is an always impressive drink that provides a complete flavor experience with every sip. There’s also something quite special about getting to try their small-batch creations. 

Although it might sound a bit mad, it’s almost like they create each bottle just for your enjoyment. Taking that feeling to the next level are their limited runs of seasonal drinks and experimental creations. If something is well-loved enough, you can bet it will be back, but it could take a while before it lands on the permanent menu. 

The experience doesn’t stop with their one-of-a-kind drinks either. Their tasting room is built to help you feel right at home, and their friendly service promises to make you feel like family. You can always count on getting a warm welcome and timely service with each visit to this incredible winery. 

Their artisan, unfiltered wine selection includes:

Sledge O Matic
As it only comes frozen, the Sledge O Matic is a great way to cool down after a long day’s work. This icy drink starts with a flavorful hard apple cider. If that’s not enough, the rich apple flavor is infused with a burst of grapefruit and watermelon for a tart, dreamy finish. 

Honey Spot
The Honey Spot is a spectacular mead, or honey wine, made with tender loving care. This semi-sweet beverage gets a twist of lemon that zings through your tastebuds from the first sip through the last. 

Black Beards Whistle Wetter
Made using their freshest, plumpest blackberries, Black Beards Whistle Wetter is good enough to write home about. With each sip of this blackberry wine, you’ll undoubtedly delight in its mellow sweetness and low-key finish. 

Sake to Me
The Sake to Me starts as a classic rice wine. But before you know it, a trio of Meyer lemon, ginger, and agave flavors dance across your tongue, egging you on to take another sip and begin the journey all over again. 

If you want to get a little competitive while enjoying your selections, take your drinks to the outside patio. While there, you can challenge everyone to a lively game of cornhole. Want to spice it up a little? Bring your favorite board game or a deck of playing cards and set out to make new friends and rivals as you sip the night away. 

Insider Tips:
-Their winery is located in the business center and can be hard to find. To make your way to them, just look for the signs along the side of the roads nearby.
-Not sure what to order? Get a flight of cider, wine, or a mix of several drink types to see what suits your fancy.
-Most of the artwork on their walls is made by local artists and could even be up for sale. So, be sure to ask if something catches your eye.